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W1 R2

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Run 2 completed and these are my stats…I don’t know what they mean but hoping if I post them here I’ll be able to look back in future and think ‘wow I’m so much better now’ lol!

Had to stop for 2 minutes as my running buddy (our podenco cross) decided she needed to do her own version of number 2 haha….

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Just keep going at the optimal easy conversational pace and don't pay too much attention to stats. faster is not necessarily better.

Because the demands increase each week, you cannot expect to see an increase in speed each week.

Thank you. I’ll definitely take that advice on :-) Any tips on stitches? How to not get them and what to do when you do? Both runs I’ve got a terrible one in my side.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to couchtorecovery

For a stitch, slow down and take full deep breaths. Hydrate an hour before you run. Do not drink while running.

Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

My fitness is terrible and I can barely speak aloud and clear when I’m walking let alone jogging. I’m going at a very slow pace however. I don’t think I have been drinking enough to be honest.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to couchtorecovery

Have you read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which includes a link to a slow running video which might persuade you to give yourself permission to go even slower.

It is possible to run on the spot, so is nothing to do with how quickly you cover the ground, but if you cannot speak clearly as you jog along, then you are going too fast for your current fitness level.

Without full deep breaths you cannot supply your body with the oxygen required and so you will tire quickly, ache more and be more prone to injury and indeed to stitch.

If you read through the FAQ Posts you will discover informative posts all sorts of running related issues.

Fantastic, thank you so much. As you can tell I’m a complete novice!!

Well done on run 2, seeing your answer to Iannodatruffe, stitch is horrible, don’t eat too much before your run or too close to starting out, slow down, i’ve had stitch and slowed my pace until it’s gone Have fun running

Looks like you're at the same point I am, I'll be doing w1 r3 tomorrow (Friday 8th). Looking forward to it.

Yes! Exactly the same. Will you break over the weekend and continue doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

No I think I'll continue to do alternate days , is that what you plan to do?

I thought about just breaking over the weekend as my husband is home but I’ll see how I feel on Sunday!

Hi I’m about to do run 3 week one too.. hope you have a good one today …stitch free! Let me know how you get on today .. routing for you!!

Thanks, had a good one today, I usually head out about 6am but I was enjoying my sleep too much lol so I went about 10am.

I headed out at 10am today.. 6am sounds painfully early .. but good on you for being so motivated!! How did you find your run? I thought it wasn’t too bad just a small hill on my route might prove a bit of an ongoing challenge 😬. Suddenly feel like I’m doing something positive for myself.. it’s a good feeling, hope you experienced that too!

It felt good today I'm defo ready for moving on to week 2. I've got a couple of small inclines on my run but nothing too hard. I usually like to get out and about before it gets too busy with people walking dogs and going to work or school, but 10am was pretty quiet

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Well done. A podenco will make a wonderful running buddy 🧡 🐕

Thank you. I feel like I’m jogging, look at her and she’s just got a brisk trot on lol! She is loving it so far.

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to couchtorecovery

I found that with my dog. We've only been out together a couple of times. He just trotted along looking at me as if to say, 'Is that the best you can do?' 😄

I wish I had a furry run buddy !

She does make it just that tiny bit easier, maybe look into it 😏

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