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W1 R2

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In summary; legs felt like led on this 2nd run. Hopefully I will feel stronger on Tuesday - I’m pretty sure my body is just getting adjusted - will get easier (cross fingers)

Punitive note: I’m gonna stick at it - need my life back x

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I feel your pain, run two complete!

I sure next time will be easier, I’ll keep you updated.

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Well done.

Heavy legs can be symptomatic of poor hydration.

Are you drinking 2-3 litres of fluids daily, as recommended in the guide to the plan?

Thank you for support 😆👍

I drank a pint of warm lime water hour so b4 - noted: will drink frequently & more b4 runs

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Binny49

It is in the 24 hours before you run that it is crucial to hydrate well, so in effect you need to drink 2-3 litres each and every day, whether running or not.

Ah ok so I’ll aim for 5 pints or thereabouts a day - I can see me being on loo a lot - will this subside ?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Binny49

If you exercise your body needs this sort of level of fluids.


This made me smile as I remember feeling the same after my second run.

I promise you though, by the time you've finished run 3, you'll feel so much happier. Not just because you'll have 2 rest days ahead of you 🤣... but you'll also already start to notice how much quicker you're recovering from your runs.

If it feels like you're struggling, just slow down a little.

Looking forward to your next post!!

I agree I think my recovery was slow - with the advice about taking on more fluids 3rd run should be a buzz 🐝🤪

We did indeed 🤩 as long as we keep going and don’t stop the world is our oyster. On 🔥 catchup Tuesday x

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