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W1 R2

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So just finished Week 1 run 2 and feeling worse than my first run! The self doubt is already beginning to kick in thinking how the hell I am going to run for 30 minutes. Any tips guys?

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Keep at it, many of us were exactly the same, it gets easier!

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Don’t panic!! You’ve got this...follow the program and you’ll be ok. 🤗💪🏻

HI Matt - I am on week 3 (2nd run done today). I felt exactly the same as you in week 1. My legs felt like 2 blocks of lead, it was horrible. But I had to keep reminding myself prior to this I have not recently done any exercise and I have little stamina! I think the key is not thinking too much about the dreaded 30 min run at the end but just focus on where you are right now. The programme will get you there and build your stamina up gradually. I also read that it doesn't matter too much if you decide to repeat a week if you found it particularly tough. Don't be too hard on yourself and keep at it! Good luck!

I felt exactly the same! I'm about to do W1R3 - the advice to me was not to overthink it - trust the programme - it really does work. Good luck. You'll be great.

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Don't think about the 30minutes yet - you will be ready for it when you get there 😊

I have just completed W3R1 and found this one really hard, keep going we will get there

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Believe in the body's ability to do far more than we think it can. Know that the mind gives up when actually you've only expended 40% of what you can.

Want it. Really want it.

Know that change does not happen by not doing anything to make it happen.

Believe in the programme. It really, really works. Just look at the differing ages, abilities and fitness levels here and it worked and is working for all of us. It can do the same for you. If you want it. 👍😉

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Don’t take any notice of your head your body can do it, honest😉. When I was a teenager at school on cross country runs my friends and I would stop at the nearest bushes and have a fag!! That was my idea of exercise for 40 years, now I’ve just graduated 😄. Come on, no self doubt you can do it👍.

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Trust the plan and take it steady and slow :) The slower the better... keep posting too.. we will keep you on the path:)

Have you checked this post out?


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Take it 1 Run at a time. Don’t think about 30 minutes, 20 minutes or next week.

You will be surprised how quickly you build stamina, I’m on week 3 and it’s worth keeping at it

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Please read the guide that Oldfloss has linked to. It explains about the easy conversational pace at which you should be jogging. I would bet you were going too fast.

C25k is about stamina. Speed comes later.

Relax, slow down and enjoy it. you cannot fail unless you permanently go back to the couch.

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You’re not alone I felt like that and tomorrow I’ll be on W8R3! Trust the plan, it works, don’t give up and don’t think about W9 yet! Good luck.

Don't think about anythng but the run you are on

Thanks guys, really appreciate the comments!

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