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Finding time

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I’m really struggling with finding the time to fit my runs in! I have 2 jobs and both are heavy going! I do housekeeping during the day and in the evenings I’m a waitress! I’m too tired when I get home and I know if I do my jogs in the mornings it will drain me for the waitressing in the evenings! I have 3 days off every 2 weeks and I’m trying to do my jogs on my days off but I can’t seem to get motivated as I think I’m just too drained and exhausted after both jobs! I can’t see the point in running once a fortnight! I’ll never complete the plan! Any suggestions please?

I think I may a kick up the bottom! 😕

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Anything is better than nothing.

Some people literally take years to complete the course.

Don't be tempted to run on consecutive days, just because they are the only time you can fit it in .. .....that could be counterproductive.

Have you tried early morning runs?

That time worked best for me when I was working and set me up for the day............ although I did occasionally dose off at morning coffee break. I got over that in time.

Just do what you can and don't feel bad about it.

I’m not a morning person but I get up at 7 every day for work

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to feelingoldish

I did a physical job (joiner) and was on my feet all day so at times ran at 5:30 am......... which was something I would never have believed I would do.

I was 57 when I started C25K, so age is not relevant, but I do appreciate that it can all become exhausting.

Puts me to shame! Lol

It is hard, it was easy during lockdown and now everything is back to normal, it’s hard

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to feelingoldish

Stick with it. Do what you can and know you are doing your best.

It will all make a difference in the long term.

Thankyou ❤️

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I switched to morning before the day started despite not being a morning person usually. I feel I have more energy during the day on run mornings than non run days. But I do know how hard waitresses work I was one for many years and covered miles and miles at each shift. Do what you can

Thankyou! My age don’t help either (48)

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doggytailGraduate in reply to feelingoldish

I find my 5.30am runs are best I to feel energised for the rest of the day Non run days I feel yuck even though I walk

Anything is better than nothing even once a fortnight, stick with it x

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I used to do a stand up job, and it’s exhausting, so I completely understand. And finding time is such a juggle as well. After work is a no no for me, so twice a week I set my alarm silly early to get out before I go to work. It’s tough initially but once I’m done I feel brill, it’s like money in the bank. As you adapt, you won’t feel so tired hopefully later in the day either. Best of luck! 😊😊😊

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feelingoldish in reply to Frenc

Thankyou! I’m not a morning person myself, I love my bed! Lol but I’m out the house at 7 for my first job, I finish at 4 n then start 2nd job at 6! My s as he also don’t help! (48)

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Please don't pretend 48 is old... I'm 47 and get up at 4:30 so I can work out and run before work as well as running at the weekends and on my day off.

Ultimately we can make time for what matters to us, it's up to you to decide what is important to you.

Keep at it, when you can. I find it difficult I work shifts. When it started to push me a bit more I started to do a week over 2 weeks. I am half way through week 5, where you start to run more than walk. I know I can do it it, yes it is hard but the sense of achievement afterwards is awesome. I am at the point now where I can do it before work and it makes me feel better (I am a nurse) . You will get to that point. I know I am working nights Friday through till Tuesday morning. I know the chances are very small indeed of a run before sleeping. I tend to run whilst walking the dog (which takes about 1 hour and a half on a usual dawdle - good stretch walking before and after). So this week I ran today. I am on day shift Thursday. I will probably run Friday morning, but then my next won't be till Tuesday afternoon at the earliest - depending on how my nights go it may even be Wednesday. Do it to suit you, it is about making you feel better about yourself.

I am another one who gets up early to run, despite not being a morning person. I run twice a week rather than 3 times, as I can’t fit 3 in. Some weeks I have only managed one run. But I am moving through the programme. I expect that as my fitness improves, recovery will get easier, so I might be able to move up to 3 times a week without feeling quite so knackered on run days.

Keep going. Once a fortnight is a start. You might be able to move it up to once a week after a while, then occasionally twice. Every little does help!

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I understand your lack of energy but if you clearly want to do this so don't let your jobs take it away from you. Could you manage to force yourself to do one morning a week to start with in addition to your days off? I understand that you will be tired on your days off but maybe think of it as 30 minutes of time for yourself that no-one can take away from you.

Good luck with whatever you decide and I hope you keep going-this time next year when regular running is part of your life you will be so pleased with yourself.

I started c25k at the age of 54 in the first lock down and have discovered many unexpected benefits from running-not just fitness.

It is worth the effort.

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I did a lot of mine on my lunch break, I work 12 hour shifts so was only time I could fit them in. It’s only 30 mins, it’s not time your lacking it’s motivation, if you get in the way of it you’ll get fitter and you won’t be as drained from the second job it will energise you

Are you eating well enough to fuel your days? Also enough sleep? If we are not on good nutrition we are more sluggish and tired, you will most likely require more food due to the heavy jobs alone aswel.

A trial for a week to change your morning schedule and make yourself get up early. do your 3 runs and still wake early on non running days. Along with good nutrition, sleep and an iv of constant fluid.

Then see how you feel after that.

You started this programme with the same schedule at the beginning of your journey, so has something changed?

I’d go with advice of the admin people as I’m just a newbie - being on your feet all day must be tiring - (I have three kids with crazy schedules and work too so I get it) but strangely, I find this program may help your energy levels, even if you have a packed day ahead. What I tell myself: I know you have to work now - but you won’t be able to work like this long term if your health isn’t good and your already feeling defeated. Best thing for me is actually running on the days I plan too, not skipping for bad weather or feeling tired (if I’m tired I go slow, if you can’t do it - rest and repeat it) 30 minutes investment in yourself can have huge benefit of more energy over time especially if you see it as something you want not a chore piled on top of everything else. You can also use it as an excuse for other things (oh that ironing pile can wait because I have a run to do). Good luck and I hope you find a way to keep on it.

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