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Couch to 5K
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Not stopping this time!

So why am I doing this? Couch to 5K. Started twice and didn’t finish week 1 because

a) It’s hard to run with a laptop in your hands

b) It hurts.

The main problem is every time I make a concerted effort to get fit/lose weight I end up injured….mainly because I’m too heavy.

It’s not that I don’t get regular exercise; I swim, play golf, walk the dog twice a day, do pilates.

I even eat quite healthily – I’m vegetarian, usually cook from scratch, and yes I like the odd biscuit or eight and the occasional glass of vino or 3, but somehow I keep faltering. Hence the post.

So day 1 : Question 1.

How do you do couch to 5K without injuring yourself ? Well I think I may have solved this one I have a pristine, barely used, tiny trampoline.

Podcast downloaded to laptop and I’m set up ready to go. And finally I managed to finish. Really not sure if it has the same effect on a trampoline but my muscles are starting to ache. The main downside is you can’t really hear the music over the creaking of the springs. Let’s hope that in 9 weeks I’ll be ready to do park run without being sick and being unable to walk for 2 weeks afterwards…..like the first and only time I attempted it Has anyone else not got an ipod?

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Ermm. well... well done you, for deciding to do this.... but, you have set yourself a real challenge...is there no chance you could get a small phone or i pod?

Trampoline is great for cardio fitness..and core strength...but if you could get outside for a run, maybe you would find this time you could do it....We would support you... all the way.

Starting very, very slow and steady... and keep it at that :) What do you think?


Thanks, I think my main fear outside is damaging my knees, as I am somewhat overweight. But will definitely look into running outside when I feel a bit more confident. Week 1 completed now and hoping to borrow ipod from neice who is upgrading


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Take it steadily then :) With the right shoes and taking it slowly you should be fine... grass or trail runs are quite forgiving too... just see how you go :)

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Oh yeah. OK. I have a phone, not an iPod. And the first run is the hardest -- did you do a ParkRun from the get-go? That seems really really really hard.

You actually really only need a watch with a second hand. But the podcasts are easier because you don't have to keep track.

When you run, run really slowly and don't worry about what anyone thinks.

I think if you're not up for it yet, do 30 minute brisk walks every other day for a couple of weeks.


And, good on you! You are worth it!


Thx. I did stupidly attempt parkrun in the mistaken belief that as I used to be sporty I must still e quite fit. going to build strength on trampette and get out as soon as I feel confident week 1 completed now.

thx 4 support


Running on a trampoline ( you are not the first!!) will develop some muscles and perhaps your cardiovascular system but it is going to have little resemblance to running outdoors. You might just be better off running on the spot, or as another poster today, around the garden, if you have one.

An MP3 player can be bought very cheaply and then you can play the podcasts. Running with laptop in hands is not recommended.

I admire your decision and determination but do worry that you may be overcomplicating what is an extremely simple process.

Best of luck.


Thx I do have a habit of over complicating! I'm just worried that if I wait for everything to be perfect I'll never start. Definitely looking for ways to intergrate outdoors

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