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Week6 distance bit deflated!

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Hi all…

I am not a negative Nancy…

However… I have completed wk6r2 today 25mins distance 2.79km….

I appreciate c25k means running for 30minutes by the end and not focusing on the 5k but just thought I’d be covering a bit more ground ya know.

Chuffed I can ‘run’ for 25minutes solid but the snails pace I thought was a bit faster than I’m actually doing :(

Feels a bit rubbish??

Can people share their experiences at this level pleeease x

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Pace is irrelevant !It's time running that will build your strength and stamina .

Don't worry about it , your doing fine !

This may help


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9 out of 10 graduates do NOT manage 5k in Week 9, so you're in good company.

Have a look here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5....

I've no doubt that as you get onto the home straight of Weeks 7, 8 and 9, that you gain even more fitness and actually speed up a bit and therefore cover more ground.

You're doing fine.

Crack on!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to John_W

Thanku John 🙌🏾

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How far could you run in 25 minutes 8 weeks ago?

First we build endurance and fitness and then speed comes… if we want it to.

Nike’s global head coach does a few timed guided runs, in one of them he points out that no matter how hard you run, the finish won’t come sooner… so relax and run easy. He’s my favourite coach, he pushes me hard sometimes too of course.

Conversational paced running is the best way to gain fitness and muscle conditioning … running hard and fast is the best way to reverse that process!

Your run looks identical to mine. I ran 25 minutes too. We are awesome.

Some great points & pointers!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Love this 🙌🏾😘

I get the concern, but I think worrying about it at this stage is counterproductive. If it depresses you, you'll be unlikely to be motivated to keep getting out there and then it'll never improve. I can't remember what I did on that run, but my week 9 runs were about 3.6-3.7 k. Now, with a couple more months of running under my belt, I can cover around 4k in 30 mins, even when running part of a longer distance - not exactly a speedy hare, but an improvement. It's also worth thinking about where you're running - off road, with uneven terrain, or a route with lots of hills will slow you down, so give yourself some leeway if that applies to you!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Devon_straggler

Ah Thanku very helpful xx

I felt like this too but your body is already doing so much work by increasing your stamina and endurance levels run on run. There’s a lot of work going on in the background that you can’t see but will physically reap the benefits from as you continue to run. I’m in week 8 and had nothing averaged over 3K so you’re doing great for this stage of the programme!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to MaCherie112

Ah Thanku lovely!

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Don’t feel bad Leledange! I was probably at the same distance as you and by the end was only doing barely 3k in 30 mins. In truth I’m not much faster now but I can run for longer! And don’t forget you’re running, actually running- and I bet you never thought that was going to happen did you?! Go you!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

U r right Thanku xx

It’s the running for 30 minutes I’m aiming for and when I graduate, because I will, I will then set myself distance goals. 25 minutes running is a fantastic achievement. Nice one

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Poppdog

Yes it is isn’t it! Thanku! Yay us x

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OldgirlrunsGraduate in reply to Poppdog

Well said Poppdog!

Very similar here. Did week 6 run 1 on Monday. Distance was ok but pace was awful. Suddenly found I’d run a lot slower! That being said, at this stage all I want to hear is the app telling me I’ve finished and I’m on my cool down walk. I guess it’s like running a marathon just to say you have. Completing it is the key. How far and how fast are what pushes us forward once we can. Try to save that for when each run is 30 minutes plus. Use the distance and pace to keep driving you forward! You got this. 👍🏻

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Davidnotarunner

Thanku so much David u r right x

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Only a small proportion of graduates from this forum who responded to a poll, managed 5k in 30 minutes by graduation healthunlocked.com/couchto5....

Graduation requirements are that you complete three thirty minute runs, regardless of distance.

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Yea this is interesting Thanku, I’ll get there! Signed up to a 5k October 3rd so that is something I wanted to run non stop:. Never know!!

I agree , I felt a bit deflated and I was hoping to burn more calories. But as others have said its increasing your stamina and running for 25 minutes is an achievement!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Apprentice1932

You are so right, I think it’s def important to remember I could t run for a minute without massive effort a few weeks back, 25 mins is frickin amazing!! Thanku so much for ur words x

Don’t give up. I started c25k in approx April last year and found it really hard going. It takes time to build up your pace. I was by no means a natural runner.

Last month I did my first half marathon at the age of 50. Stick with it!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to COVID2019

Oh wow that is the stuff dreams are made of!! Half marathon 🙈🤪 well done u that is amazing!!! Thanku so much x

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Looks fine to me ! As you get fitter and stronger pace will improve though without really trying especially at your age. Most importantly thus running thing becomes a habit!

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to johnm12

All makes sense John Thanku x

Try not to let it bother you. I know it bothered me too. I graduated in early June and did in about 3.8km on my final run. I’ve since made it to 5km but it still takes me about 39mins. I’m not sure if I’ve I’ll ever get faster or if I’ll just learn to run for longer! I intend to join Parkrun soon and maybe this may help my pace. Best of luck for the rest of the program 👍🏻

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Newbierunner84

That’s so good!!! Motivated me for sure 🥰 we’ll done keep up the good work, I’ll let you know once I catch up with you 🙌🏾😜

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Newbierunner84Graduate in reply to Leledange

Please do! You can do it for sure!

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I concur with the others. Did not look at my distance before wk 8 and having failed c25k before because I ran too fast and injured myself I have learned to go for time and not focus on distance or on how many people sprint past me in the park. This is about yourself and nobody else. As others have said concentrate on the process on pacing yourself on keeping good form and on running the allotted time. You are teaching your body a new skill and you will take as long as you will take

I looked up some stats on my phone app recently - not sure how accurate it is, but it does give an indication. I started the c25k programme in 2018, btw. Run 1 Week 1 - 2.8k

Run 3 Week 9 - 3.7k

Three years later, and I'm running 5k at an average time of 32 mins.

I'd say you're on a decent track.

I've only managed 5k under 30mins about three times, but tell myself I'm running so keeping fit and that's the important part.

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LeledangeGraduate in reply to Crolla

Aw amazing Thanku so much!!! V helpful x

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