Couch to 5K

week 1 run 1 - second time around

At last the chest infection has almost cleared so got out today for session one. It was a beautiful day and the run/walks went fine. Next trips for week 1 will be tuesday or weds and friday. This will be the difficult bit as I will be back at work and the pressure is always on to stay late. Felt good today so roll on the next run

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Well done on starting & good luck with the next run. Really understand what you say about fitting it in with work. I've found that going out first thing in the morning works best for me, although have to confess I am a morning person, as it means it's out of the way and it doesn't matter what time have to stay in the office in the evening. Another plus for me is haven't got all day to find an excuse not to go out. Could you do it before work and just go in slightly later? I think one of the biggest challenges we all face is finding the right time / day to do the runs that fit in with it does go on!


I am not a morning person at all! so it has to be the evening for me, for the midweek run this week I did it on my reebok step (i.e. fast and slow stepping in line with the podcast) and did run 3 wk 1 tonight after work. Its getting lighter now so it will become easier. Sunday will start week 2.


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