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Finally completed week 9 run 3 today! As an overweight 40 year old mum of of 2, I never thought I would finish this, or enjoy it so much! I never missed a day and I ran through wind, rain and snow. I signed up to help with weight loss, but I run now mainly for mental health benefits. Everything seems better after a run I find. This is such a wonderful community, I’ve been so inspired by everyone’s stories and words of wisdom. So thank you!

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Welcome to the forum and many congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

I hope that you did miss a day. As a new runner you should not run on consecutive days.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

To get your Graduate Badge leave a message at this month’s Graduation Badge Post, which you can find in the Pinned Posts here

Keep running, keep smiling.

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Of course, as in never missed a week! Else I would of been finished weeks ago 🤣 most committed I’ve ever been to anything!

Congratulations! I graduated last Thursday, loving running, I get grumpy on rest days because I can't go out on a run, running definitely helps with my mental health. Enjoy your running skills, well done!!!

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to CobaltBlueBeans

Thanks! Congratulations to you too! Yep I’m the same, I miss it. Not sure I think that way when I’m actually running but I carry on none the less 😊


Well done, that is fantastic, you must be feeling so proud of yourself 👋👋

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to joeyg76

Thank you! Yes I’m a little smug today 🤣

joeyg76Graduate in reply to Beachgirl9

Well you deserve to feel smug. Have you told literally everyone you know? I would be 😂

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to joeyg76

Yes and I’m not ashamed to say I plastered it all over Instagram too 🤣


Congratulation 👏


Congratulations on completing run 3 of week 9 and graduating from C25K, well done.

I do agree with you regarding this forum as "as a wonderful community" much better than Facebook or Twitter.

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Lovely to have no negativity!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Beachgirl9



Well done Beachgirl19! What an achievement 🎉. Bet you’re on cloud 9 😀. Amazing things happen when we let them. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to Frenc

I definitely am! And I agree with you 💯 😊

Congratulations Beachgirl, I’m due to graduate tomorrow!

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to Nofarah

Enjoy the final run 😊

Nofarah in reply to Beachgirl9

Done! Woohoo! 🏃‍♂️

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to Nofarah


Fabulous! Well done!

I completed W9 R9 as well today. Yay!

Isn't this programme excellent? I am a 50 something, never run before, overweight diabetic and I am so proud of myself.

Like you, I think the biggest benefit has been to my mental health. I just feel less anxious and just love being outdoors. I am lucky to live right next to a country park and have seen deer, birds of prey and lizards while running. Just makes me feel nature is so wonderful.

Well done again! 👏👏👏

What do you plan to do next?


Well done to you too! It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it?

I’m lucky like you, I live in south Devon and surrounded by beautiful coastline. Makes my runs a lot easier being by the sea.

I think I’m going to do a few weeks at 30 mins then try and increase to 5k. My longest distance so far is just over 4K.

What about you? What’s your plan?


Well done. South Devon is lovely. Of course South London is fantastic too, just in a different way!

I’ve done W9R3 this morning. Shaved over a minute off my PB too. If you want to increase your speed, run with a teenager!!! 😓

Beachgirl9Graduate in reply to Nofarah

🤣 my 7 year old daughter is planning on cycling alongside me soon!

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