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Patting myself on the back

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W4r1 done! I can't believe it 😍 ive got some 20 year old trainers I run in,is now the time to get something new and better?

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Congratulations KDMBTS so here's what I was told when I first ventured into a grown up running shop 😎, look at your feet as contact points, much like tyres on your car πŸ‘, the better the tyres the safer you are. So those trainers yep I'd invest. The rest of the running kit can come at a later date, but the shoes hmmm they're top of your list..... Hey shopping πŸ™‚


Well Done. KDMBTS this post is useful it suggests that you invest in a decent pair of trainers beyond week four and suggests that you get a gait analysis done before you purchase as this would ensure that you get the right running shoe. Good luck on your journey


It is time! Well done!

My thought today as I was trying to run wk4 run2 up to my ankles in mud and water was β€˜I’m so glad I haven’t got my new trainers on!’!!


Well done.

This post about running shoes may help

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