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Help! Fallen at the first hurdle!


So after many sedentary years - I used to love running. I downloaded the app go out there this morning and did. week one run one. I did it ! I felt so good and proud. But since then I have had a pain in my right knee which is getting worse as the day has gone on I can’t walk up the stairs! And it hurts ! Any advice much appreciated a) to help injury b) do I just give up and say running is no longer for me. I don’t think I will be able to run the day after tomorrow for run 2. Very disappointed 😞

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

Oh you poor thing, everything that’s in the guide is so useful, see how slow you can go when you run again small steps that don’t jar your knee, and if you need more than one rest day that’s fine it’s not a race I’m an older runner and started squats about a year ago to strengthen my knees and leg muscles, I started with 10 and now do 10 several times a day, washing hands 10 squats, brushing teeth 10 squats, waiting for the kettle to boil 10 squats

Good luck knee pain is horrible but a lot of it can be overcome

Thank you 🙏 for your advice and encouragement- I will try strengthening exercises- determined not to give up now that I’ve started ( albeit run 1!)

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Rainbow63

And look up slow Japanese running on youtube it explains it and shows a way of running gently


Check out that guide in the links given to you and reassure will recover :)Do check these out too :) They may help.

Do not head out until the pain has eased... the runs are patient and they wait:)

With knee pain you could swear the cause is the knee itself.I have experienced this problem and undergone no end of physio.

All to no avail.

It turned out to be a tightening of my abductor which was picked up in a session with a sports massage.

What I have learned is the muscles both above and below the knee can tighten and pull the knee out of alignment.

Hence the knee problem?

Get it checked out before trying anything radical.

Best of luck.


Sorry that your running restart has not started well. I am an older runner and also have left knee pain, owing to a cruciate ligament operation many years ago and yep, sometimes walking upstairs is a bit painful. For me running is now a lifetime project so I always looking for solutions especially when I have injuries. One thing that seems to be working for me is to run "taller" and get some height in the body as I had a tendency to "slump down" and this might have been putting an extra load on the knee. Personally I think its a bit early to give up, especially when you used to love running and unless you have an underlying knee problem, I think you could continue but not until the pain has eased. I dont know whether you can get a medical checkup if the pain persists, but there is excellent advice in the plan published by Iannoda. Stick with us on your journey, although it might be a bit longer than you expected 😉

Do check your running style. Avoid striking the ground with your heel, which is what we do when walking. Land on your mid-sole which cushions the weight. It feels a bit awkward and you may get a few twinges to start with but it will soon become second nature. Don’t give up and Good Luck!


Firstly, be proud of yourself - you haven't fallen at the first hurdle, you did it - you got out there and you completed it! Well done you

Yes, you've had a set back and it maybe because you did a little bit too much too quickly, but don't worry - you'll get there; give yourself some time to recover and build very very slowly.... it doesn't matter if you're only a little slower than walking in your runs, the fact if you're out there..... you're getting fitter and you're doing it for you

Slow it down, good running shoes and make sure you look at the guide along with strength and stretch work. I had awful knee problems...turns out it was tight hip and IT bandGood luck with the journey

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