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Week 5 done - yaay!! Thank you


I'm not unfit but haven't run since school. I started C25K because climbing walls closed and I live in a very flat part of the country so no chance of being able to sneak a bit of bouldering into my daily exercise. I didn't realise how much I was going to love running or how much better it was going to make me feel. Thought I was coping pretty well through lockdown but realise how much better I feel for following this programme and the sense of achievement it has given me. It probably sounds daft but it feels like I have taken a bit of control back. I've been well behaved and followed all the advice to the letter; no missing rest days, always warming up and cooling down properly. Can't thank the people on this forum enough for their honest posts and the advice given by the administrators.

Looking forward to week 6 and following everyone else's progress.

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That's brilliant, see you in week 6

Beach_runner in reply to Snail61

yup, can't wait 😊

That’s fantastic, running makes such a difference to our lives

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