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Fantastic to see a forum to discuss C25K!

I might have had my first go with C25K in '13, I've been a half-decent cricket for most of my life. Not 38 years young, I do feel the half-decent diminishing a tad. Fairly sure it's more to do with midriff 'tyre' than most others.

Anyhow, back in '13 took me not too long to get to the 20 mins run, think it's week 5. Somehow, just somehow I did manage it but then I couldn't run the 8 or 10 mins long run that comes after. Thought I'll pick it up again and Bosh! another 2 years went with nothing. Tried it again In '19, 1st run I couldn't run the minute(I think). Took some weeks to get to Week 5 and couldn't muster past 12 min mark. Now in '13 I must have been 90ish kg, 2019, 103ish kg and now another 2 years later I sit in at 108 give or take a few gms(at this weight they do matter! :))

I've had some issues in '20 and I'v been put on heavy medication(4400mgs a day, 1st thing in AM). Thought the anticipatory antibiotics don't affect me as much, they do make me hungry, a lot. So, I started with some walks, ended up with backpain after a mile may be? Now it's been I think 40 odd days I've been going out for a walk, built it up to twice a day and can make up to about 8kms of walk trying to maintain 8k-15k steps a day.

After all that life story, my Q is: HOW and when shall I aim to start running? I did tried a few metres the other day, my shins hurt more than my breathe letting me down. I'm not sure how much more shall I walk before giving running a go?

The last thing I want is trying to run and twisting something or the other and ending up with no walk either.

Ah I shall add, I've got either a plantar fasciitis or achilles, not sure which one but I do ache 1st thing in the AM.

Any help, stretches, input, tips, encouragement :) will be fantastic.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you all achieve what you're looking to..

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision.This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey

Thank you. I shall have a look at it certainly.

Hi Dats That's quite alot going on in your post there. I'm feeling it with you weight wise on a slighly smaller female scale, and have just done my first run today (after graduating in 2019 and then falling of the wagon early 2020).

I too have had plantar - 3 years ago, and now I'm suffering from a bad knee that has recently improved. So today was an experiment. I'm going to try to walk a bit on days I'm not running... just need to get my weight off (and my spare tyre).

I suggest you try R1 and if there is a problem dial down to walking every day for a little while. Remember: run real slow.


Hello PB, thank you for the kind words and advice. I never could graduate(told myself I can run more than 10 on the go, that's Ok for me, cricket wise); and I was Ok with it too it's just some anticipatory meds have put 8kg more on top. I've upped my walks to constantly 13k a day as per my app and have promised I'm going to give it a crack march onwards. But then when I've felt like I've had a quick run anyhow. And I mean a 10s sprint, I shouldn't I know but the feeling is grand :)Thanks again for the reply.


Go slow - you might find you can walk briskly faster than a comfortable jogging pace. If you try to go too fast you will probably get injured. If it gets difficult - go even slower.I was a well below average cricketer but gave up when I was 51. You may find that the fitness you gain from running will enable you to get back into the cricketing groove, especially as you are not yet 40. I played my best (albeit low level) cricket between 35 and 45. My eyes just got worse and my reactions even more so! I am 57 and at least 2 stone overweight and aim to run 60 minutes on Saturday (almost 7K). So you will do fine. I have lost about 1 or 2 pounds a month through running - but that only really happens after Week 5. To improve weight loss I personally have to avoid the biscuit barrel - but I am too slow to run away from that!

Datsdwaytis in reply to Rennur

Good morning, thank you for the tips. Actually you're not the first one telling me about jogging slow than walking! I know it's my fault somehow but I just can't walk slow, or run for that matter. I see people running on the other side of the pavement, ambling and no noise! When I do try, it's got to be a fair pace with plonking my heels and making quite a ruckus :) I attribute it to my weight. I've found though I 'ache', for when I do run, much less running than walking. The side of the shins, most o the time. WOW, that's impressive. I'm not being a pessimist but I doubt I can run 5 mins at my weight. "biscuit barrel" 🤣That's just one more thing, I don't have any biscuit or chocolate or any such cravings but this Michelin tyre just won't budge. I apologise If this isn't related to this forum but I've got the KettleBell now, see wha difference that'll make :)

Thank you for replying and helpful advice.

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