One more for Malcy perhaps?

This morning I am really kanckered. Got up at 5.30 drove hubby to Bologna airport (he works in the UK) and back (140K round trip) and then did a 30 minute run to my own music. Stuff like the Stones and Dexy's Midnight Runners -- showing my age? So what?

I was thinking...a dangerous pastime... couldn't we put our playlists on a cloud and share them? Why? I know I love the Kinks, but Lola doesn't half slow me down. I'm sure you lot have got better playlists you might like to share?

If that was an outrageous request I shall shut up immediately!


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44 Replies

  • no I like it & its a good idea to get them online too although no too sure about being allowed to share them ...... I don't think I would make it through Paint it Black though!

  • If I could make it through Paint it Black any one can!

  • I had been thinking about post 5x50. I quite like the way we're logging and sharing our activities and will be sorry to see it come to an end (in just ten days time!)

    My thoughts were to redo the MalcyMeter (and give it a different name !) for general use by the C25K crowd, letting everyone input and keep a record of their activities. We could even record locations and show them on maps - then if I was coming to Bella Italia, I could click on a run on the map, maybe get more info (simple directions, where to park, description, etc.)? It would of course depend on C25K-ers entering the details.

    It would be easy to add playlist 'favourites' and suggestions.

    If it would be useful, I'd be happy to produce something along these lines. I could have the basics up by the end of 5x50 and do the more adventurous stuff over the summer.

    It could be quite a lot of work, but it would be interesting work ... and therefore not really work (see how my tangled sense of logic works?) But I wouldn't like to do it to find that it wasn't used.

    What does everyone think?

  • I would certainly use it. I know you spoke about creating a running site and I've been thinking about what I'd like 'in an ideal world'! Or at least what would make me wish to spend time elsewhere as well as here.

    I'd love somewhere that enables integration. I currently return from a run/walk/cycle and upload my route/stats from my Garmin to Garmin connect, and upload my photos to Flickr. Then I update my C25K 'MalcyMeter' and 5x50 site. Currently the photos/routes are not immediately accessible to fellow runners who are able to follow my activities on Connect or the MM.

    I'd love to have some way to share a particularly good route with you all. Both a link to the route and to photos of the route. I've just started using Geosetter to georeference my photos before uploading to Flickr and as this now shows an accurate location (even in the remotest locations), I feel it coudl be useful for others wishing to try a route.

    Oh, and I know you're asking about the MM replacement at present, but if there was some way to link all of the above to a discussion forum, or at least have the ability for comments, that would be great.

    Maybe it is not feasible to do the above 'linking' automagically (especially since we're using anyone of a number of different mapping sites) at a reasonable cost, but as I said above this is my ideal.

  • >Then I update my C25K 'MalcyMeter'

    Erm.. no I don't - obviously - as you've set that up to do it automagically! I think I may have been thinking I do to the site to check the team total!

  • A great idea oh Godlike One! ;) I love Swan's ideas too but it may give this site some serious competition!!!! We would all be moving over to the Malcy Map My Miles Forum! :D


  • This is a simply wonderful idea and would be such fun for us all )D I can guarantee that it would be used by me and I guess most of our team initially...and then who knows? The C25k forum has grown from just a couple of hundred when we were on the 'old site', to over 5000 members now!

  • PS - I love the Kinks too. My wife has been told that the choral version of 'Days' is to be played at my funeral. Weird, huh?

  • Wow Malcy, you ARE a star!

    This is all so generous of you! You know, next week I'll be working in Innsbruck and the idea of suggesting runs in "other" cities would be marvellous as I have no idea where I shall be running. Last year in Berlin I was so scared to U-Bahn and S-bahn around that I ended up running in the city centre.

    I'll be running in Edinburgh in November btw.

    The Kinks truly rock. Ray Davis is brilliant. I cannot think of many other bands I'd like to hear at my funeral :-)

  • I'm hoping that I won't hear it at my funeral - I'll hopefully be dead (:->) Either that or worried. (:-<)

    If it's not inappropriate, let me know when you're in Edinburgh - we can have a run together passed some of the 'weel kent' locations - Holyrood Palace, the Parliament, the Royal Mile, etc.

  • Erm - that was meant to be "past" some of the locations

  • Sure! I'm giving a talk at Heriott Watt on November 14th. Don't know whether I'll be able to keep up with you though! This morning I started off ahead of Becky (aughter number 2 who will be 20 next month) but after about 20 minutes she overtook me grrrrr !

  • Ha Ha - kids don't consider their parents' feelings do they? My wife studied at Heriot Watt, but that was before they moved from the city centre to their current campus. You'll have to wrap up well in November ... BRRRR! But the frosty mornings can be really special.

  • Heriot Watt is a nice campus and I keep meaning to have a run there. My husband teaches Chemical Engineering there.

    Maybe we could do a C25k run in November.

  • Fantastic! That's 3 of us already! Look out Edinburgh here we come :-)

  • I would love this! The Malcymeter has been so inspiring and I would love us to carry on sharing post 5x50. How else would we know that someone has been kayaking? ;) I think many of us are planning to carry on every day after the challenge finishes and it would be great to keep up to date with what everyone's doing.

    Also I love the Kinks too. I had "you really got me" during my wedding ceremony.

  • Roller another Kinks fan! On my playlist I've got "Come dancing" for mid-run and "Waterloo sunset" for my cool down. As a Londoner who has lived everywhere but London over the past 35 years it means just everything to me :-)

  • great songs :)

  • Excellent - I had Widor's Toccata and Fugue. Nice, but not exactly funky!

  • I also had an extract of Holst's Jupiter from The Planets suite and a bit of ska punk from the Mad Caddies at different points in the ceremony. Ah, good times :)

  • WOW - that's what you call eclectic!

  • I always have Asturias played by a friend on my playlist!

  • I had this to walk out of the church at my wedding :) I had a great organist who travelled from London. It's quite tricky to play!

  • Yes, it's very fast. Not easy to run to either :-p

  • Today I have been mostly listening to

    Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

    That's Entertainment - Noel Gallacher/Paul Weller

    Lucky You - Lightning Seeds

    Survivor - Destinys Child

    Fiesta - Pogues

    Stronger - Sugabases

    Billericay Dicky - Ian Durie and the Blockheads

    I've got quite a few selected 30 min playlists :-)

  • oooh fat boy slim ... weapon of choice ...

    John Lennon - Instant Karma for the cool down

  • What a brilliant idea for the cool down. I love John Lennon.

  • lol.. either that or Pink Floyd's comfortably Numb ...

  • Ooh this is exciting! I hope we can all link running playlists as I have good songs to share and also want to learn new songs to run to.

  • I have Come on Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners) and, of course Keep on running (Spencer Davis Group).

  • Think we should have a new question just dedicated to playist listings ..... then get them onto Spotify

  • Some quick thoughts on what the "competition" is out there for websites. is quite good for runs in places you don't know.

    If you use Endomondo it posts on your Facebook page and you can share routes with friends, It also has a routes section but I've never tried adding a route to it. gives music to run to based on how fast you run. (I prefer running without earphones so can't comment on it.)

    I know Malcolm seems to enjoy the challenge but duplicating what's out there might be a lot of work.

  • The only other running website that I visit and have joined (and left a few comments in the forums) is The Running Bug. Members of that site can log their 'Bug Miles', which then appear on the front page of the site. I think I logged twice when I first joined and was surprised when a couple of people left comments on the two entries. The miles added do not show up on a map or link to a mapping site or anything, but the adding comments to someone's log is nice.

  • I've joined the running bug, but not been there yet, too busy here :-)

  • I am a huge Kinks fan!!! I really love 'You really got me now', and 'All day and all of the night'. Although I was in my teens in the 80's I actually used to dress up like a modette and listen to the Beatles and The Kinks and go to 'Sixties Nights'.

    Back to the running ;) I would truly miss the Malcymeter. Especially since I finish the challenge a few days after all of you. I'm hoping some, at least, will join me for a while longer....

  • I also run to the Hollies' Carrie Anne (a bit cheesey I know), Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Small Faces) and good old Rod the Mod's Handbags and the Gladrags PLUS Manfred Mann's Doowadiddydiddy dum Diddy doo :-) Not quite audiofuel but it works for me :-D

  • I'll be the monitor, you'll be the teacher. Takes me back - 50 years?

  • In these days of Jimmy Saville and co. the lyrics are really close to the edge! Yeah, I must have been at primary school :-)

  • Fantastic ideas about the website by Malcy, I'd be up for entering the details or linking to other sites.

    Delia do you know you can look at Garmin Connect for ideas for runs anywhere in the world, in effect you can view other people's public activities and courses on a map, it's in Explore tab under activities or courses, you can then search by town, city etc and zoom in etc, click on the pin and the routes show up.

    Enjoy Innsbruck, a beautiful place if I recall my childhood memories correctly.

  • Thanks Phil, I'll have a go at that -- I did find a link yesterday when I googled "runs in Innsbruck" (no pun intended) but it suggested I ran in circles round a bit of the river between to bridges. We'll see!

  • two bridges

  • Great idea malcy, def count me in, I'd love to carry on logging my activities, if not for my own ref, sharing routes is a great idea x

  • That would be fab! I'd love to share playlists etc. - I'm trying to construct several that are around 160bpm (hence Don't Stop Me Now and Greased Lightenin' :D ) and it would be great to be able to log stuff like all you wonderful people are doing! Also, finding new routes and possibly new running partners in different cities would be helpful.

    Although I know I can share my stats on Facebook I don't want to - those are a different set of friends and really wouldn't understand or be interested.

    So don't shut up, Delia - great idea! :)

  • Today I have been mostly listening to

    You Keep It All In - Beautiful South

    I Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

    Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

    You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

    Rolling In the Deep - Adele

    The Fear - Lily Allan

    Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Every day for my fundraising I send out an email to a specially selected sponsor (or sometimes group of sponsors) just to let them know this run was especially for them, link to runkeeper, say how things have been going, what Zombie Run I've done :-) and also the playlist .... so I've got loads stored up!!! :-)

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