One more W9run to go, the chequered flag is in sight!

Just finished R2 of W9 which means that badge is nearly mine.

What a difference 9 weeks has made. Muscles are toning up, energy levels improved, morale is about to go up and off the scale after the final run on Thursday and I am starting to peek at 5k Parkrun sites on the tinterweb when no-one is looking. When I started this I thought ALL I wanted to do was to run for half an hour a few times a week. Doing that now. Yup. Oh yes. ME, RUNNING. I know it's running 'cos Laura said.

2 more sleeps before badge :)


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  • Well done. Good luck for Thursday!

  • Thank you. I feel ridiculously pleased!

  • Well done. That's brilliant. I can't believe how toned up my legs are getting! It's great isn't it. Keeps you going!! One more til shiny badge!!!! Yay!!!! It's like Xmas!!!!

  • No, so much better than Xmas. In fact, now you mention it, had better chalk up a run on the calendar for 25/12 to compensate for the minced spies etc.

  • Yay you! Well done, fab innit?

  • Ooooh, way beyond fab. Really very excited about Laura's final podcast on Thurs. However, with my track record, by Thursday morning I will probably have skidded on a dog turd and broken something, thus having my very finest hour denied.

    Have made mental note to avoid all skiddy surfaces until mid-day Thursday.

  • Definitely do a parkrun they are great. Good luck. :-)

  • Thanks Rosebery, very tempted by the park run and have been optimistic enough to get a bar code for just in cases!

  • Ooohhh so excited for you - you'll love it.

    It's such an achievement - well done you :)

  • Thank you, much appreciated. Who would've thought it. Not me anyway!

  • Avoid skiddy surfaces at all costs, we want no dramas! Our nerves won't stand it

    So, DDay is nearly here. Gulp. Have an early night and don't eat/drink too much. Have porridge or something wholesome for brekky and go out about an hour to 90 mins after

    Good luck. Take care!!

  • Love porridge so that will be the easy part. Avoiding any clumsy foul-ups will be the tricky bit. Is there a printable certificate to frame and put in the loo? For that I would be willing to move the nail holding the squares of newspaper on the back of the door to make room for it.

  • Well done - did my w9r2 this morning and am buzzing - cant wait for run 3!

  • Yay, we could be crossing the finish line at the same time. Can I have a head start please :)

  • Well as I slightly overdid the cycling today whilst pottering about some childhood haunts (did 50km when I had planned around 35...ooops) I will give you a 24 hour head start and do mine Friday morning :)

  • Wot a gentleman. You will still win even with a 24 hr handicap but forgive the lack of a wave as you go past 'cos I attempted a bingo-wing workout today and seem to have lost the use of both arms now.

    50k! Did you slot in Box Hill 9 times? Blimmin 'eck!

  • Hurry up sleeps!! :D

  • Oh Slookie, I love your sense of humour , your posts are very entertaining :-)

    Good luck for your next run, its the biggie, we will all be here giving you a push over the finishing line . Look forward to reading your write-up :-) xxx

  • PoppyP, you will need something substantial for that welcome push tomorrow - have you got your JCB revved up ready?

  • Ha ha, oh aye , its revving up as we speak :-D

    You will be fine , go for it :-) xxx

  • Sorry to say you only get a virtual badge and no stickyfutt. You could make your own and present it to yourself in a Graduation Ceremony

  • Just knitting myself a podium now ....

  • Ha ha!

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