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starting now... deep breath... 3 2 1... GO!


will report back to tell you how it went... :-o

ps. it can't be as horrific as i think it's going to be! it just can't... lol, lol, lol :-D

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Hope it went well - and remember that what you do one day lays the foundation for the next run.

literally sitting here waiting for my nikes to arrive... they cost the earth!... then i am going for it... you can bet your arse.. ! :-)


Good luck D2C - I’m sure you’ll smash it 👍

well one thing is for sure, this tortoise is going for it... lol


Go smash it !

But slowly 😁👍

sir, yes sir ! ;-)

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change



Hello dying-to -change and welcome. 😁 By now I hope your shoes have arrived and you’ve taken your first steps....

......completing Couchto5k (which you will do, step by small step) won’t be anywhere near ‘horrific’ as you fear, it will be exciting, amazing, wonderful, interesting, life changing, fun (Yes fun!) satisfying, challenging, frustrating sometimes, and many more things you can’t quite imagine yet. That’s what this forum is for and we all look forward to hearing how you changed your life for the better, all the very best 🤗

Thanks for your thoughtful response x


D2C - don’t be frightened before you’ve even started, it is highly unlikely to be as ‘horrific’ as your mind is making it seem. Very slow and steady is the way to go and hydration is also key. Everyone who starts this journey is full of trepidation before they start but once you done W1R1 and seen that it is challenging but do-able you’ll be a convert. No more fear just exhilaration and a huge sense of achievement after ever run.

You’re in good company on this forum - there is no worry that you’ll have that won’t have been had before and it is such a supportive ‘family’ that you will really want to keep going once you take the first step.

Keep us posted and enjoy the journey because it WILL be transformative.


Thank you so much x

ok so... I BLOOMIN' DID IT ! i didn't think i could, after the 1st minute of running ... i was dreading the 2nd... i nearly didn't get thru the 3rd....spent 4th wondering if i were going to survive... the 5th i think i actually died then came back to life for the 6th... got very down on the 7th cos my slow jog was becoming ridiculously slow then managed to finish. the walk at the end was like heaven, though brisk it was not. i did it. goodness knows how i will do it again on wednesday but for today, i did it. i mean, I DID IT !!! :-D

Bambi2020Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Brilliant-well done you!!!!

i didn't think i could do it.... i really didn't... it was harsh... then i dug my heels in... i really went for it... i just wasn't going to be defeated! x

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Well done on completing your first run 😁👍

Do remember the stretches afterwards 😁

stretches- check. :-)

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change


Fantastic, that’s a great result! Congratulations on taking your first steps!🙂👏👏

It will hopefully get easier as you go through C25K🤞Just follow the program and don’t be afraid to slow down when you need to. Everyone on here will be rooting for you so don’t hesitate to ask for support and encouragement when you need it!😀👍

oh golly gosh, i do hope it does get easier. i wasn't going to give up for all the tea in china but i pushed myself to my limit to succeed today.

RoxdogGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

You did it! However hard it felt! Keep it slow and you'll be fine.

CazzaWGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

Fantastic 👍 really well done 👏 you did it 👊

Enjoy your rest day and think positively about R2 😊 you know you can do it now 💪 just remember to go really slowly, then slow down more 🐌🐢

Amazing!!! Congratulations... I can honestly say you get that proud feeling after every run, I love it. You should be so proud of yourself :) looking forward to following you along the plan. ❤️❤️❤️


That’s the right attitude- give it your best shot but don’t go too mad- keep it slow. You might not enjoy it at first but you’ll start to see the good results and that will motivate you to keep going. Run 1- done!

right. Run 1- done!

i can't imagine doing this again the day after tomorrow.... lol


Well done dying-to-change, hope all went well for you 👍


Well done, you did it, keep it slow, and you'll be fine, might be a bit stiff tomorrow, quite normal. In 5 or 6 weeks, you can look back at this post, and will see how far you've got, on this journey, keep going!!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Well done! You did it! It does get easier, trust the programme. You can do this! 👏👏👏🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍

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