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20 minute relaxation?

Second run of week 7 tonight (third 25m non stop) and finding that after 20 minutes things start to feel easy, breezy and like I could carry on forever... Luckily I only have 5 minutes left so I’m still in the feeling by the time Sarah tells me I’m done for the day and I haven’t experienced the next part yet! (Which I presume is going back to the pre-elation feeling!)

Never run for this long in my life before, so trying to just enjoy it when I can 👍🏻, but having that post 20 minute ‘whatever’ to look forward to definitely helped me off the couch tonight.

Hope everyone’s having a good week

Hephz x

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Wonderful.. the lovely longer runs, where your legs find their happy pace:))

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Happy pace was definitely found! 👍🏻


Oooh. Runners high. Love those runs.


Something about endorphins. You’ll get addicted to them. And why not?

Delighted that you are enjoying the running!

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Thanks all - only problem is I’m itching to go again and I know I need a rest day or two!


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