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W8 R1... and a sneaky 5K!


Today's run was slow, and hard! For the first 15 minutes I was really finding it a slog with legs feeling quite heavy and an annoying little stitch under my ribs. Not having a good time out.

But I was listening to David Tennant Does a Podcast with George Takei which was really interesting, and then MJ said there was 5 minutes to go and I was actually feeling ok!

And then the time was up and I was feeling ok and I was still pretty far from home so I thought, I'll just keep going for a bit.

And then the 5 min cool down timer was up but when I looked at Strava I was half a km off 5k and feeling not too shabby so I kept going... 5K in 36 minutes (still plenty of time for a cool down walk afterwards)

Just goes to show that even unpromising runs can turn into good ones 😊 Not saying I'll do the same for R2 this week, but it's amazing how my stamina has been built up - this was not me even 2 weeks ago.

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Congrats! Yep sometimes you just get that rush that says you can keep going and want to!


Well done but please take care...........you just breached the 10% rule used by most experienced runners to increase their weekly training load.

Warning heeded!

I've been doing a very few minutes more since the runs started getting longer so it wasnt as big a jump as it seems, but well to remember that just because you think you can doesnt mean you should!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Sleepyhead55


We are all capable of doing way more than our bodies are conditioned to do, but not without increasing our injury risk. Sticking to gently progressive training plans is the safest way to push our limits, whilst gently increasing our resistance to injury.

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