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Week 4 run 2

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Run went smooth, no pain anywhere and felt I deffinately finished stronger than w4r1, bring on Fridays run! 😁

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Yay! Well done πŸ‘

Me too! Week 4 run 2 this morning and I was glad I was out in shorts before 7am as could feel it's another clammy, warm day. I kind of knew what was coming having done run 1 on Monday :-) but that first run this morning, I felt like spaghetti legs and couldn't get my rhythm. I pressed on thinking "I can do this, it's not far.." and settle into it.. The last 5min run tho...argh! It was a struggle and I'm not going to win any prizes for my form but I did it and actually, in the last minute felt I could've gone on. Thank god for Jo's encouragement. Feeling good run 2 done, roll on Friday! Well done to you too. We CAN do this!

It's good that you got there! I kind of want to go again in morning but I'm gonna stick to the advice and not run tomorrow, may have to be a long walk or a bit of a bike ride just for some fresh air and bit of exercise 😁

That's so funny you say that about wanting to go again this morning, I woke up feeling the same but thought "Nooo... mustn't ruin a good thing and overdo it!" so I'm planning a strength training session this afternoon and maybe a short walk, too. Of all the things I'm really enjoying with this running, is being out in the fresh air every morning :-) Next run, tomorrow 7am for me.

I've got a gym membership too but not been in years, frankly being outside is so much nicer! Used to train at home but no longer have any equipment so may have to do some bodyweight stuff just to build fitness more. Yeah 7am for me in morning too! 😁

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