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W5R1 - I desrve a medal

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Why do I deserve a medal? Let me tell you why!

There I was, minding my own business and about to start my second 5-minute run and a chuffing wasp stung me!! It felt as if a teeny-tiny person had taken a running jump at my ankle with a teeny-tiny dagger!

I flicked it off, swore, loudly more than once and carried on with my run! I actually have little recollection of the rest of the run, only the spreading pain.

Made it home as per Miss Millican's instructions and now sitting here with 4.16k under my best and a hot, red ankle :-(

Gingernutter , I hope your run is less eventful this morning ;-)

5 Replies
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Oh wow you really are a true c25k hero!! 🐝 Congratulations!! You did it. Just getting ready to go..catch you later 👍😁

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Oh no! Well done for carrying on!

Goforitmama profile image

Ouch! Nasty little ankle stinging critter! Well done for finishing.

Ice that sting!

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Bloody wasps!! Nasty, vindictive things.

U r a Hero!!

* swoons *

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Well done biniobiscuits...true dedication shown there! 😊

Onwards and upwards with Wk5....💪🏆😊x

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