Stepping Stones - It felt just like W5R3 (in a good way)

My C25k t-shirt arrived today (woo too), so I just HAD to take it out for a run!

Last night I checked out (from the comfort of the couch) the C25k+ podcasts. I was quite apprehensive about them and I thought I'd listen to them (skipping bits), just to get the general gist. Is that sad or what? Thought I'd start by attempting Stepping Stones, not because it sounded any easier (!) but because I could never even think of doing one called 'Speed' and the Stamina sounded pretty daunting too.

Set out, in the last half hour before school comes out, thought there would be fewer people* around then. It's a gorgeous autumn day here, quite cool. but brilliantly sunny and fresh. I was so sure I would have to stop and walk that I didn't even particularly plan a route. It felt exactly like setting out to do W5R3, when I was convinced I'd fail miserably. Well, Laura said run at 150 bpm so I started. It actually felt a bit slower than my normal non-tired pace, I kept falling over my feet and having to do a little skippy step to reset the beat every so often. On to 155 bpm and I felt 'in the zone', comfortably trying to ensure I was following Laura's tips on technique etc. It was really nice to have her chatting away again, I missed that in the later weeks of C25k. After 15 minutes (I think) of 155 bpm, just when I was starting to feel tired, she upped the pace to 160 bpm. This would have been quite comfortable at the beginning but now I was tired and I stupidly deviated from the nice flat, straight, known old railway track route and headed down through the woods by the river. This was a bit squidgy underfoot, plus there were a few shallow steps here and there, which I could've done without. I was OK though, but felt relieved when Laura said 'Only two minutes to go', and I managed to keep going till the end.

So - the dreaded Stepping Stones was actually fine - an effort, but I did it first time! I am absolutely amazed, it feels just like that moment when much to my astonishment and pride I completed that first 20 minute run in W5.

*Wrong! loads of walkers, power-walkers, dogs, people wandering around eating ice-cream, etc.


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  • Well done Sooz. I think that's the one I'm going to start with to although I am tempted by the speed one as it's so short.

  • Well done soozz! Enjoy the new shirt and your new journey as a graduate!!!! :-)

  • Well done soozz, glad you enjoyed your run! It's always good to look to the next challenge. Definitely want to do these podcasts when I'm done with C25k :)

  • Well done Soozz, I did this one on Saturday but had to stop when it got to 160.

  • well done soozz. must admit i havent tried it. i am tempted by the speed and stamina podcasts but havent tried any yet

  • Nice job Soozz it's good to hear what happens post graduation.

  • Ah, the power of the c25k tee! ;) Well done for having a go at stepping stones. I might be brave enough to try it too now, once I'm back on track again. You mentioning 'the woods' and 'squidgy underfoot' makes me long for a nice run in my woods. :)

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