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W9 R1


OMG Almost there! Quite scary!

I did the run yesterday but didn't have a chance to get on here as the police have been back and forth due to our own personal Neighbours from hell! Kept us up most of Sunday and Monday night. I was so tired I had to have a kick up the derriere. I went for my run and realised I hadn't downloaded the latest podcast!!! Brilliant start! So I made it up by checking the time and adding on two or three minutes. I then took a longer cool down around 10 mins before going home to face the Police!

The good news.... I had my first quiet night for 5 days!!! Still exhausted though!

Happy running


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Oh dear. Sounds like a really difficult week. Give yourself a hug, and put your feet up. Well done for getting out there. Take it easy and rest your back x

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to Hidden

We have been having issues for a year and a half but this week seems to be breaking point for me. I'm feeling much better now but want them to move ASAP. Found out they are looking for another house!!! Yay!


Try to get a good night's sleep tonight - it's hard to catch up on lost sleep though. Well done for getting this run under your belt and good luck for your run tomorrow. This is your graduation week so enjoy it if you can. Best wishes.

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I plan on a lot of sleep... Between running and work! I'm doing a Parkrun for my graduation day on Saturday... Can't wait!!!

HiddenGraduate in reply to mustgetthin

All the very best for graduating at your park run. Cheers.

Hope things get better for you with the nieghbours, i had some like that above me in a flat 15yrs ago, god i hated them so much and i'm usually pretty mild mannered but i did let rip at them quite a few times! Some people are just rubbish and inconsiderate, hope the police take them away for you! our ones had weekend long parties :(

On a lighter note, you are doing so well and can't wait to see your graduation post! Hope you can find the energy, all the best and keep your chin up :)

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Longest party so far started on the Friday before 2pm (when I got home) and was still going on the Monday when I went to work (2pm). I've had 2 good nights now!

aliboo70 in reply to mustgetthin

hope they move soon, it made me SO wound up when it happened to me :( and the landlord wouldn't evict them. i ended up moving to a holiday park and buying a mobile home, and we rented out flat cheaply. it was worth it for the piece and quiet. The guy above us was a DJ in a nightclub and used to bring home 20 or so people to a tiny flat stomping around and playing loud beat box music. Glad things are better at the moment . :)

I've been there with the neighbours from hell... After constant noise nuisance, then personal targeting, then assault, my parents sold up and got far away from them! I remember the how being kept up at night can overshadow the whole following day, but!

If your neighbours are looking to move, then you're in a good position. And you've not let them stop you doing what you want to do. So really, you win. :-)

Also, be so proud of W9, R1 - I'm a newbie on W1, R1 and W9 seems a long way off...

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to _rainflower

I'm winning slowly! I remember W1 feeling so hard!!! It's crazy! x


Blimey - that sounds tough. You are doing well to keep going. And you're so close to graduation too! Only 2 more runs to do!! I'll keep an eye out for your posts and good luck :)

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to LSBeech75

Thank you x

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