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Running in the heat πŸ˜…

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Hi all!

It's hot today!!!

Here is a link to Oldfloss' post about the dehydrating effects of running in the heat and what to do about it:

Here's the NHS' advice on recognising and dealing with heat exhaustion and heatstroke:

And here are some running tips from me!:

β˜… MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you think it's too hot to run, miss a day or two, and wait for cooler weather!!

β˜… If you decide to run, please don't worry if you're running a bit more slowly than usual. This is to be expected, and makes a lot of sense. Also, your effort is much the same and will pay dividends when the weather cools down again!!

β˜… Take a drink with you.

β˜… Ease into your runs carefully - a longer warm-up (although you may not like to think about "warming"!) will help control spikes in your heart rate, and slow down the inevitable rise of your core temperature.

β˜… Take rests as needed.

β˜… And if you feel you need to stop - stop! There's absolutely no benefit in risking your health for any run. Go home, drink plenty of water, and rest xxx

β˜… Use sunscreen - apart from the obvious benefits, the cream will feel nice and cool on your skin!

β˜… If you can, run early in the morning, or late in the evening.

β˜… Find a shady path, and/or one near water.

β˜… Run on grass - it doesn't get as hot as paths do.

β˜… Dress in loose, light-coloured clothing.

β˜… Think cool! Picture an icy scene in your mind; promise yourself an ice-cold drink or even an ice cream 🍦

β˜… Take a cold shower before you go out.

β˜… Throw water over yourself - I like to soak my cap!

Stay safe, stay cool, enjoy your runs!

The Admin Team xx

June 25th, 2020

4 Replies
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I run in Cyprus and in the height of it catch the dawn. I hydrate during the eve and also during the night. I have a further 500ml before I go out too.

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I'm in Spain, in the Madrid area, hot but dry in the summer. The only time I can go out to run is early morning @7:30. (6 would be better, but I haven't managed that yet!)It's the only time I can more or less assure a temperature I can run in. Too hot in the evening. That's the only advice I would give for running when the weather heats up.

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Great advice as usual Rosabi, your knowledge is Amazing πŸ‘

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want to add something here, for anything higher than 27C :

- drink at least 750ml per hour. That's the minimum. So if you run 30 mns, whatever speed it is, plan to get around 500ml with you, to put some water on your cap or shirt, and drink.

- if you get thirsty, that's too late, drink before.

- at least a sip each 5 mns, don't focus on speed/distance, focus on how much you drink

- refuse any suffering, it's not temperatures for tempo runs, slow easy runs are the ones to do, and it will lead to good results.

- if you feel bad, don't push on the body, find a quiet "cool" place, and wait until feeling better. Then don't run, walk to return home.

with time, your body will feel better running with such heat.

hope this may help a bit too

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