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Running in the heat 😅


Hi all!

It's hot today!!!

Here is a link to Oldfloss' post about the dehydrating effects of running in the heat and what to do about it:

Here's the NHS' advice on recognising and dealing with heat exhaustion and heatstroke:

And here are some running tips from me!:

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you think it's too hot to run, miss a day or two, and wait for cooler weather!!

★ If you decide to run, please don't worry if you're running a bit more slowly than usual. This is to be expected, and makes a lot of sense. Also, your effort is much the same and will pay dividends when the weather cools down again!!

★ Take a drink with you.

★ Ease into your runs carefully - a longer warm-up (although you may not like to think about "warming"!) will help control spikes in your heart rate, and slow down the inevitable rise of your core temperature.

★ Take rests as needed.

★ And if you feel you need to stop - stop! There's absolutely no benefit in risking your health for any run. Go home, drink plenty of water, and rest xxx

★ Use sunscreen - apart from the obvious benefits, the cream will feel nice and cool on your skin!

★ If you can, run early in the morning, or late in the evening.

★ Find a shady path, and/or one near water.

★ Run on grass - it doesn't get as hot as paths do.

★ Dress in loose, light-coloured clothing.

★ Think cool! Picture an icy scene in your mind; promise yourself an ice-cold drink or even an ice cream 🍦

★ Take a cold shower before you go out.

★ Throw water over yourself - I like to soak my cap!

Stay safe, stay cool, enjoy your runs!

The Admin Team xx

June 25th, 2020

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I run in Cyprus and in the height of it catch the dawn. I hydrate during the eve and also during the night. I have a further 500ml before I go out too.

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