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Socks and showers ☠️


Wouldn't you know it, after being so careful, and really taking care of myself, and even starting yoga on my rest days to build up strength and stretchiness 🧘🏻‍♀️, have gone and injured myself doing something daft?!? My partner was complaining about the water pressure being wonky, so I stepped in to the bath (in my socks, because that is smart...) to show him that the shower head pipe was just kinked, and somehow managed to catapult myself backwards and sideways out hurling towards the bathroom cabinet. My partner caught me just in time to save me cracking my head open but managed to really wrench my back as well as scrape off large parts of one of my arms. 😫 So, have had to take a few extra rest days and listen to my own advice, about taking care of yourself and that you won't lose fitness, stamina or strength if need to take a few extra days. So annoyed with myself. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #tool

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Crikey Bloomsbury22 ...sounds like you had a very painful but lucky escape? Thank goodness your partner was there to catch you??? Socks and bath are never a good combination (not that I've ever tried!!!) Definitely rest up...especially if you've hurt your don't want to risk a long spell on the IC..Your stamina and fitness will still e ok after a few days and your next run will be out there waiting for you too...healing thoughts sent to you

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Thank you! Yes, a lucky escape indeed. Not my finest moment. However, nothing a few days, lots of Tiger Balm and paracetamol won't fix.

MummycavModerator in reply to Bloomsbury22

and plenty of TLC x


Ouch!!! Lucky escape? Heal soon x

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! Feel like a tool but my own fault and a lucky escape, indeed.


Ahh bless you! That’s such a gutter! Keep smiling. I’ve had to take a week off Half way through and it didn’t make a difference. Take care of yourself!

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Swanseajen

Thank you! That is really good to know. I have W8R1 under my belt, and was feeling so chuffed and raring to go for the next one. You are right, going to just take a few days to take care of myself and make sure am fighting fit.


Oh no! Not good for you. Rest well and we’ll get there! I was meant to be starting week 9 yesterday, but my son is in hospital with heart problems and I just can’t focus on running at the moment. Take good care now 😉

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to JaxO

Oh no! Am so sorry to hear. Sending you all the best wishes. x


Ooh😬. Sorry to hear, but thankfully not as serious as could have been.

Rest up and you'll soon be back, even stronger.

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to ChubbyJawa

Yes, was very lucky. Thank you!


I only saw your post now. Poor you; thanks god nothing worse happened! I was glad to read in your recent post that you feel much better now and could enjoy the next run without any back pain. Having said that: Happy running!

Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Deetermined

Thank you! Yes, it could have been so much worse. Was super achey but took three rest days and after lots of stretching, completed W8R2 today. And so far my back feels fine! Finally also remembered to actually record a run on Strava, so trying to understand what the analysis actually means now...

DeeterminedGraduate in reply to Bloomsbury22

That's great that you rested properly and that your back is better now! Regarding the analysis: I just replied to your new post. 😃

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