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will I ever enjoy it?

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did week 6 run3 today & it was a fight every step of the way,you would think with only 2 weeks to go that I would be looking forward to finishing but I dread these long runs because they are so hard,I really do want to run because I love how it lifts my mood & how I feel all day afterwards but its such a grind when running that its lowering my motivation.

I want to be able to relax & do 30+ mins with out this mental battle

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I know how you feel, I have just come bck from week 7 1st run, thought this is going to be getting easier,as I have done the 25 mins already but NO god it was harder than any I have done, breathing rapid all the way round, wanted to stop 3 times as I felt really sick, slowed down but still felt sick and breathing bad, when the hell will it ever get any easier, we have soooo well so far havnt we from week 1, but as you I thought it would be much easier by now, I even got tingles in my right hand thats new too.

Six weeks is early days for anything to become a habit and I'm sure you're not alone in finding the longer distances hard. Is there any way you could have company on the run? One c25k-er tries to distract herself by keeping up a mental running commentary on things she passes. Hope you get past this block soon- you've done so well to get this far :)

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Hang in there Fuzzyrex! The longer runs are hard at first but it does get better and when I tried going back to intervals after graduating I found it really quite tough. Maybe you could try different music or a new route. As happier says it is still early days for your body to be used to this new lifestyle. Focus on the positive effects to persuade yourself that it is worth a bit of a slog for the benefits. Also I think starting in the Summer is harder as I find running in the heat hard. Just look forward to those lovely cool Autumn days! ;-)

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Distract yourself. Runs drag on when I am counting the minutes. If I can forget the clock and think of something else - the time seems to pass much quicker. Hang in there!

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Distraction would be good,will try out a new route n see if that helps & yeah pingle I don't like the heat one bit

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