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Week 6 Run 2 completed


Just completed run 2 of week 6, and looking forward to Run 3 on Sunday. I have also hopped onto the scales and have lost 16 lbs since beginning of January. My weight is now 11 stone 3 lbs so still along way to go to reach my target weight of 9 stone 12 lbs. Absolutely loving this Couch25k programme!

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Well done! I am at same stage as you, doing run 3 on Saturday morning. Although I am putting on weight, not losing it!! It might be the two biscuits and bar of chocolate I eat as a reward!!

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to Ucandothis

Thanks, I deffo need to lose weight, and I am determined to do it this year. I have not had an alcoholic drink for over a month, fasting for 2 days a week and making healthier choices on the remaining days. Thankfully I do not crave sweet things, crisps and fatty foods now. Good luck for run 3 tomorrow, how are you finding the programme so far?

Well done on the run and the weight loss :)

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

Thanks, feel proud of myself even though I still have a long way to go. Hopefully in the next month I will graduate, and my first goal will be achieved.

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to diamondgirl902

Of course you'll graduate if you keep at it and you'll lose that weight too, bit by bit, one step at a time. You know you will. Keep looking back at how far you've come and it motivates you to keep going. Week 6 already, look how far you can run now compared to week 1. Also nice to try on some clothes from before you started losing weight and just revel in the looseness. Now that is a GOOD feeling.

Thanks bobtillyoudrop49 for your reply (love your name btw)

Yes, I will finish the programme, I have come this far so I am determined to graduate.

I know the weight will take longer to shift, but I want to be slimmer by the summer.


Wow.. well done you on all counts. You are doing amazingly!

You are going to lose that weight, I feel sure.. maybe think about some treats too... non edible maybe.. new togs ?

The programme is great isn't it? And, it gets better and better as you progress! :)

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hi Oldfloss, I will need new clothes shortly. Out with the shapeless fleeces and T-shirts, and flaunt my new figure in fitted clothes for a change. I feel like a new woman when in my running gear.

The programme is fantastic, looking forward to going out jogging with my son at Easter, when he is back from uni.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to diamondgirl902

You go girl!


Awesome! You are an inspiration to us all 😊👟


Ooh do tell about the fasting thing I am seriously thinking about doing this !!

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to mummybrummy

Hi mummybrummy

I am doing the 5:2 diet, I have the book by Michael Mosely. On two days I have 500 calories and eat sensibly at other times. Nothing is forbidden on non fasting days, but is advisable to eat smaller amounts than before. After a while I find myself looking at healthier options and I can honestly say I never feel hungry. Basically I have found I no longer snack between meals, it seems to work for me.


Wow, well done! That kind of weight loss is not easy, you've clearly been working very hard and sticking to your goals. Congratulations for your progress in week 6! I'm doing run 2 of week 6 on Sunday, hopefully mine will go as well as yours has. Congratulations again and good luck for the rest of this week!!

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to yamiskoi

Thanks yamiskoi for your reply. It has taken a lot of willpower to resist the red wine, biscuits, crisps etc, but now it is easy. Hubby has been working his way through my red wine store and is now down to the final bottle. He sits there enjoying a glass of wine while I'm sipping away at my pint of water, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Well done on your progress and all the best for run 2 on Sunday, how are you finding the programme so far?

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to diamondgirl902

Well, it's incredible - that sort of willpower is really admirable. I've lost about 4 pounds since starting C25K, but I've still been enjoying a tipple and an unhealthy snack every now and then =]

I think this program is amazing!! I never thought I'd be able to achieve this much. Every time I get out there I feel proud of myself. It's nice to have something to do that's free and enjoyable =]

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to yamiskoi

4 lbs is still a fantastic weight loss, especially as you are probably building muscle as well. The programme is excellent and I look forward to each run, even though it's hard work. I am buzzing after finishing each session. You deserve an unhealthy snack and the odd glass of wine/beer. Keep posting about your progress!

Well done to you on the C25k progress and the fab weight loss, that's fantastic! Keep it up, you're doing great and should be super proud of your achievements so far x

diamondgirl902Graduate in reply to Running-scared

Thanks for your reply Running-scared, I am so glad that I found this excellent running programme, it is truly amazing x


Fantastic ! Lovely positive post , love it !

You're doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

Thanks poppypug, I appreciate your lovely reply xxx

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