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That was awesome


Longest run since the flu, yup we are definitely back to where we were

Arrived at the park this morning as a couple of dog walkers unloaded about 8 dogs from their vans and there were already lots of people and dogs in the park so I suggested we go to the beach or the downs

We went to the downs, it was muddy chalky slippery and when we went through the wooded part it was even more so, brambles grabbed us on the way past oh and it’s hilly. A bit different to our pootle round a flat track

It was beautiful and could feel a bit of warmth from the sun

We ran for 15 minutes with garmin buzzing that it’s slow....we like slow and are not used to all of the above so didn’t care, we didn’t trip on roots or slip in mud so we are super happy

We’re almost back at the car at 30 minutes so Willow went that way and i went round a bit of grass and through the woods to keep moving for 40 minutes just because I could

Max heart rate was 144 which reflects the lower pace, moving time including a bit of walking round the muddiest parts was 41 minutes and i covered 3.48 k so super happy buzzing and grinning as that means I’m back!!! and can run

Willow didn’t like the hills but after me explaining they will strengthen our legs and core and we will then zoom easily round the track he agreed to go there again

Have a beautiful day whether you run or rest, run a kilometre or a marathon

Yesterday I was on training and when i walked to collect the car at the end the sun was shining and the rain came down so I did a slow turn and found the rainbow hanging above Chichester cathedral

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What a lovely post - you do seem to have some lovely places to run and the fact you can do them together I think is very special too! Can’t quite see Chichester Cathedral from here but it must have looked magnificent with a rainbow over it!

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It was beautiful with the rainbow, eve visited several times and Willow sang there with his school choir as a child once, the downs are so special to me as I have walked various dogs across them over the last thirty odd years, as we turned to come back looking out to sea with the sun lighting a path across it was lovely, We ran there in the autumn and Willow said not again because it’s too uneven but we just slowed some more and both buzzing at the end so we will again, sometimes i get a little tired of going round and round the park so it’s good to go different places


What a great post and so glad the two of you are fit and well, happy days. Great photo 😁😁

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Thanks Buddy it’s great to be able to run and run, near the end i was thinking i could just go on and on but then turned uphill again and realised i couldn’t lol

So lovely to read your post. I thought I recognised that spire! I know it well x

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It was just so lovely with the rainbow

That looks like a great place to go for a run willowandsola

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We actually ran over the downs but have looked all round there


What a super picture! And a productive day for you both. Glad you're feeling back to your old self - I suspect that that new Garmin is going to be put through it's paces in the not too distant future! 🤗

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Yes after a month i now feel well and fit again, thank you it was lovely being out and that rainbow yesterday was lovely to see

Lovely pic and post - you sound very happy 👍😁

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Apart from a very sore mouth we are thanks, hope you are too

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Glad you managed to get a walk/jog in today, when i was taken to hospital with oxygen I wondered if i would ever run again so this is just the best feeling

Hope they soon find out what’s causing you pain and fix it


Well done!

Very well done, and a great photo too.

Well done and congratulations to you both for getting out and doing this. I can tell from your post that you're chuffed to bits, and rightly so. Is that really a rainbow or is it just your super warm glow of contentment that's shown up in the picture?

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It was a beautiful rainbow, brighter than the photo shows, today we had a bit of sun and then the clouds rolled in but it was wonderful to be up on the Downs running and jumping tree roots and swerving round deep mud and being grabbed by brambles I loved it so much, even with the hills

Thank you for commenting it’s this forum that kept us going in the beginning

Lovely read and stunning pic.


Lovely. Glad to hear you are feeling back to normal after your scary hospital experience. Thank goodness for the NHS. 👍 We love the downs, but too far to go for a run! You must have your energy back, for sure! 👍🎉👏🏼

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Thank you it’s been a great day off and seem to have my energy back

Long may the nhs last, in the family between us we have 3 nurses and one pharmacist

What a beautiful picture WillowandSola. Did you go in search for the pot of gold? I see some more spending research ahead for some trail shoes.

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I did discuss trail shoes which of course Willow had never heard of, they may have to wait a bit but i love it there

No looking for the pot of gold I took the photo and hot footed it for the car because i was getting wet lol


Lovely picture, and lovely to hear you're back in the game.

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Thank you it’s really great


How lovely!


Lovely picture to end your run👍

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