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Which 'Coach to 5k' app trainer works for you?


For a bit of fun, I thought I would ask C25k app users, who is your favourite trainer voice and why? (It doesn't look as if this has been asked for a couple of years, though the question has been asked before) I'm trying them all out and have yet to decide a firm favourite, so I thought I'd see what others think. I'm sure for for my W2R1 run tomorrow, I'll swap trainer again. Are you loyal to only one trainer or do you also, erm, swap around? 😊

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It was Sanj for me, top bloke! Stuck with him throughout 👍🏃‍♂️

Michael Johnson all the way 😉

I haven't tried any of the others, but he's very smooth and encouraging 😁

My fave too.


Another for Michael Johnson. Calm and motivational

Michael Johnson for me too, thought he knows more about running than I will ever know, and when am I going to get the chance of having an Olympian and one of the greatest runners train me again?

We had Michael and didn’t try the others


They all use the same script so technically it shouldn’t make any difference. But I got on well with Michael for most of my C25K until I decided to take Laura along instead!


I loved Sanjeev. He doesn’t take it too seriously and he’s endlessly encouraging. When I came back to redo this I found that I’d more or less memorised the script though, so now I’m working with Sarah. Quite a change of voice ! She seems kind and friendly and I’m back on track. Just keep trying till you find the one you like.

I’m an old c25ker so the lovely Laura was the only option back then. I contemplated using someone different this time, I just couldn’t help thinking Laura is more real, more relatable. Sarah, as much as I love her, I can’t really see her doing it , can you?

I started with Sarah but after one run I could just picture her sitting on the couch having some tea and cake saying ‘ your doing really well’ not motivating for me so switched to Michael and been with him ever since bless him 😇

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Ha I did exactly the same 😂

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I thought that too but found that in itself funny so stayed with her all the way. 🤣

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Sarah for a week then Michael Johnson ever since

I’ve stuck firmly to Jo. Guess I’m a creature of habit! Do they all say the same script though?

Who else could anyone choose for motivation and support but Michael Johnson! 😁

W6r3 and i've had Jo with me all the way!


Michael Johnson, loved being told to have a ban anar 😂

Laura. She is so kind and friendly. I wish they would do more plans for beyond C25K so I could have her encouraging me again now Ibe graduated

I completely agree

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Tried a few but Laura was the one for me. Have you seen the bridge to c25k+ podcasts for C25K graduates? There's 3 of them all with the lovely Laura. bit.ly/2RcpmLH

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Ooh! Thanks for this link - I'm planning (a long way) ahead!!!


Laura..... I love her... loved her in 2015 and when I use the C25K in any way, even now... it is Laura I go to :)


Laura. Even if she is about 50 years younger and 100 times fitter than I was, I felt as if she knew what it was like to start from the beginning. 😊 Pretty good, when I knew really it was a script! But I felt she might have had a hand in writing it ... ... maybe ...


Sanjeev got me through it. He was kind of the best mate I've never actually met.

Started with Jo for the first week and now been with Laura ever since.

Going out with Sanjeev this morning, though I have to say I've enjoyed Jo the most so far.

I went with Sarah Millican because she seemed to be the least intimidating and I stuck with her through to the end.


Jo all the way. She's just more enthusiastic and encouraging than the others, and injects a bit of her personal experience as she goes along. Love her.

Really enjoyed running with Sanjeev today. Really relaxed and friendly. Will revisit Laura on Wednesday.


I started off with Sarah but decided to change to Laura after the first couple of runs as I couldn’t imagine Sarah actually doing C25k (apologies if she has) and Laura was the founder so with her I stuck.

I started with Laura and then found the app where I could play my own music . I went out once with MJ and then SM. Once I tried Jo Whiley, that was it ! I’d seen her doing the London marathon on TV over the years and she just seemed right for me. She took me to graduation and beyond and would definitely get my recommendation.


Jo Whiley. Calm voice! I didn't want too much motivational excitement!


Laura for me. I'm now having regular dates with coach Bennett on the Nike running app 💘

The legend Michael for me.

I’ve heard good things too about coach Bennett on the Nike Running App ( thanks Speedy60 ) so might well give that a go in a month or two.

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He's great. I wouldn't use the app on every run, he can be a bit cheesy, but he's certainly keeping me on the right track (literally). Very knowledgeable and some great advice.


Changed each week, enjoyed them all but stayed with Michael for last 4. He’s calm and motivating!

Jo W so far. It would feel like a betryal (especially on Vday) to change coach.

Pretty sure she hates me tho - she keeps making me run longer all the time!!!


Must admit I was a bit of a sucker for “Laura “

Michael 👌🏾


I started with Laura (on the podcasts !)

Then tried MJ on the app, but he was so laid back. In the end I stuck with Sarah, as I liked being called pet🙂, or at least I imagined that's what she was calling me.

I started with sarah m but quickly moved to MJ - he stuck with me right to the end and beyond until I finally had to say goodbye 😂


Laura for me, but don't really have a choice (Laura's great anyway). The app isn't available to those outside the UK.

I stuck with Sarah, i find her very upbeat.


always Michael!

It was Sarah Millican for me. I knew she wouldn’t judge me 😊

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