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Tired and fed up!

Today I did week 8 run 2. I have to be honest and say I hated every minute and felt like crying the whole time. I am tired today and was not motivated at all. The whole way round I had to push myself - even in the first 5 minutes! I felt like giving up right up until the end.

I felt like I was heaving my fat buik around the whole way. I was really hot and dripping with sweat and just felt exhausted.

I have to keep going because I've signed up for the race for life at the end of May but I need some encouragement....


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Go Helen you can do it. You've got to week 8 for goodness sake, and if you hate it so much just think you have only 4 more runs to do ;) Also you finished it today, so that's a result, and as Laura says at the end of week 4, you really have to push yourself and that's where your fitness really does improve.

Of course seriously you have run it once, and you have to run it again, and lets be honest here, it can't be as bad as today.

So happy thoughts and trot on.

Hot and sweaty means you are burning calories, which means less fat to haul!

At the end of the day JFDI!


You can do it!! Some times you just have a bad run but stick in there...even if you have to repeat a few runs it's ok, you still have plenty time until your race in May so just take it easy. You've done so well to get this far, I'm only in week 4 so you're an inspiration :)


Don't worry Helen, it's just a bad run. Keep looking on the bright side. You have achieved so much and only 4 to go. As mentioned hot and sweaty does mean you're burning calories. I think we have to be careful not to beat ourselves up just because we are not totally on plan everytime. I've only today and Saturday to run to complete the plan but I am completely sure that I am not covering 5km. So what, I'll get there once my body is ready to co-operate. Keep smiling and focus on happy thoughts. We're all with you.


Week 8 wow, well done, very impressive! We all have days like that, you are probably just fighting off a wee bug and will feel better for the next run. If week 8 feels too hard right now why not go back and do another couple of week 7 runs? There is no rush :)


I know how you feel, I must admit I have found week 8 quite tough, and I too felt like crying on both R1 and R2, But hey we've done it, they are under our belts now. I know I am not doing 5k yet but am concentrating on buliding up my stamina, then I'll start speeding up (hopefully). Sweating shows you're working. Keep it up, you've got this far. I've got week 8 r3 tomorrow then it's the final leg. I can't believe how far i've come. :-)


Thanks all. I've actually been ill yesterday and today so I think that must be why I found it so hard. Have rested up today but am unsure whether to wait another day and be fully recovered before trying again. Thanks for all your encouragements.


Hope you're feeling better today? Obviously you were feeling under the weather when you did your run so there's your explanation.

Next run will be better but I would rest up until you're 100 percent again...Good luck :) xx


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