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W3D2 - Done, but concerned


I managed todays set, but my legs felt heavy, and my pace dropped even further than normal. I could not help myself, and I looked into what next week will bring, and I am now anxious that I am not going to make the extra 7 minutes of running... It seems a massive jump up after 1 week of 8 minutes and 2 weeks of 9... How do I tell myself that this will get easier when it feels so much harder today...

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Well done on getting this far. The key is to trust the programme and don’t focus on what’s coming but what you’ve achieved to date. If you’re struggling you probably need to slow down even more (even if you think you can’t possibly go any slower) and are you drinking plenty of water 2-3 litres every day (even rest days)?

You’ve got this and we’re cheering you on every stop of the way 😊

There are always days like that. You can do exactly the same, eat the same, drink the same, warm up the same, eliminate all variables and there’s still that “meh” factor. That’s a technical term by the way.

I agree an uncomfortable run is pretty demotivating, but keep on at it, progression is never a straight line, and I usually find that, by the next run, my expectations have been reset and it all feels good (bearable) again.

I do know how you feel, (been there, seen it, got the 'T' shirt etc.) some days the runs (like a lot of things in life) just don't go as easily as you were hoping they would. First of all you have another run to do before you've completed this week anyway, so that's another chance to further build your stamina and self confidence before moving on to the next step. I've just re-started C25K after stalling at Week 4 before Christmas, but this is something I try and do: On the final one of a set week I try and push the last run to the length of the longest run I'm going to have to do next time. That way I can call his run completed but also prepare myself for what's coming up. If I can complete the extra time, I can move on to the next week full of confidence. If I can't then I know that I've more to do, and have to force myself to slow the pace even more. I'm happy that completing this will take me as long as it takes (but I WILL complete it), I will not move on a week until I have completed three consecutive runs (with rest days) and any incomplete runs are called practices, as they prepare me for what lies ahead. I know that I over-think it but for me the challenge is at least 75% mental. Other members on here (mostly those who have completed C25K) will advise you not to look ahead so you can't be daunted by the prospect, they explain that you're best to just trust the programme, they know that it works. Good luck with W3 R3 and then W4 R1, please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the replies all. It probably doesn't help that I am running with a calorie deficit, and didn't sleep well last night... hopefully Friday will return me to a good place.. Laura will take care of me..


Keep repeating this mantra: "every run you do prepares you for the next one."

That's how a training program works. Every run you complete helps you accumulates more fitness and helps with the next one. If you're concerned about Week 4, just add up the total amount of time you've spent on your feet in Weeks 1-3 and allow yourself to take confidence from that.

Good luck!



You are doing great and pretty much all of us who have completed the program can relate to how you feel. However there are a couple of truisms that you have probably already seen. Trust the program and if you are finding it tough, slow down. Believe me if I can graduate and run for 30 minutes anyone can. You can do it, prepare to be amazed at yourself 👍

Too much of a calorie deficit will cause you to sleep poorly and have low energy levels. You may want to consider upping your carb levels a little bit for a few days to see if that helps?


Poor hydration can cause heavy legs - might be worth taking a small amount out with you and having a mouthful any time you feel you’re struggling.

As others have said we all have difficult days. Try not to focus on that, but what you have achieved so far. I usually find that when I have a “meh” run, the next one is good, probably because my expectations have dropped. You CAN do this 👍😁

Funny how we look ahead and wonder how can possibly make those runs.

I'll bet most of the graduates here have had that thought, and yet everyone made it.

You'll be surprised what you can do! The program really works. Have faith :-)

And slow down!


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