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Hi guys,

I am on W7R3 and have to deal with a big stitch on the right side for my last 3 run. Usually it starts after 20mn running non stop.

I have no idea what to do to carry on running, the pain is too intense so I have to stop for 2mn and then start running again. I am supposed to be able to run non stop for 25mn but I can't. I feel so weak :( like I will never been able to do 5K in one go 😭

Anodoby with the same pb?

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Sometimes a stitch is caused by going to fast . Are you keeping well hydrated , still 2-3 litres per day and not just on run days.

Try again and focus on going as slow as you can. Well done and good luck 🎅🎅

Cant really do much but echo what Buddy said.

Slow down a bit and make sure you're drinking plenty. Have a really good drink of water before you set off on your run.

Let us know how you get on.


Slow down and take deep breaths, as instructed in the podcasts/app.

Drink 2-3 litres of fluid in the twenty four hours before you run.

Avoid drinking while running.

This may help

I remember a few runs where the stitch got really bad. As others have said I slowed down and took deep breaths. Keeping hydrated is really important too. Keep us updated on your progress and don't worry about reaching 5k. The furthest I've run is 3.9km in 30mins. Just focus on the great progress you've made x


All the above and another is make sure you give it an hour or more if you have something to eat before going out. I used to get a stitch regularly until I followed the keep hydrated and go slow routine. I have a bit of chewing gun in my mouth during run to keep my mouth moist. Used to always take a water bottle with little sips but have not done so for a long time now. Fingers crossed that will help.


Hydration was the key for me. Glass of water before I left the house helped as did really deep breaths as it came on (even though that in itself felt painful). I used to think if myself stretching the tight spot from inside. Slow deep breaths. Hope it passes soon as stitch is horrid.


Some really good advice here guys thank you :-)


I agree with the above - also...

The best advice I was given on this forum for getting rid of a stitch was to taking a deep breath and breathe it out strong & fast with a breathy “ha“sound - repeat several times. That, combined with slowing down always does the trick for me. - I have startled a few dog walkers though...😂

Thank you all for your advice! Will try again tomorrow and will let you know x


The only time I ever got a stitch was when I ran after eating. Now I leave at least 4 hours if I can after my last meal - or better still, I try to go out before breakfast, but that isn't always an option - and I've never had it again. I also drinks loads of water generally anyway, and I am veeerrrrryyyy slow - but the eating was the main thing for me

Guys, I am proud to say that following all your advice helped me MASSIVELY to finally achieve 28mn running non stop🥳🥳🥳

Hydration was the Key! I drink half a litre of water 1h before and no stitch for the last 2 run!

Thank you so much for your precious help! Looking forward to W9 starting soon 😘

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