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W6R3 - failed due to stitch...


and going out last night, and 5 hours sleep, new job, arguments..

So... not in best frame of mind, tired and trying to snow - did about half and had to keep stopping as the stitch was too much.

Just a bit of an off day I think, will go out again at the weekend and start W7 regardless I think as today wasn't realistic for what I've done so far.

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At least you went out and had a go...It all helps. Hopefully your next attempt will be more encouraging...You're allowed an off day... Don't see it as a fail...You just needed to press pause... Be kind to yourself.


Stitches suck!

I am sure you will be fine next time.


Just look on this one as a practice run. Even with everything going on you still went out and tried! W6 is a tricky week and I am sure it was one I did twice. If you need to do W6R3 again then do. Slow and steady and build your stamina. Sure Laura has told you by now that you are a runner😊. Good luck and happy running.


Stitch. Boo! Going out. Yay!! 5 hours sleep. Boo!! New Job. Yay!! Arguments. Boo!! New Job. Yay!!!!!!!!! Talk about ups and downs :o ! New job. Yay!!!!!!! :o :o :o

Personally, I would want to prove to myself that I could run for 25 mins so probably would do it again, but we're all different, so just do what you feel is right for you. I'll be doing R3 mid morning or early afternoon, will be watching the weather because it's trying to snow here! Good luck with the next run, whichever one it is...xx


Well done for getting out there anyway! It is hard when life throws stuff at you, although the run can help :)

Deep breathing for the stitch ... and really slow and steady.

It might be an idea to just do Run 3 again at the weekend, when you feel more relaxed, and take it very slowly... That way you will know that you are totally ready for Week 7 :)


Definitely not a fail, just a practice run and as others have said at least you went out, off days suck. Congrats on the new job btw :D

You've got a lot going on in your life at the minute so don't put too much pressure on yourself. There's no hurry to get through the programme, it'll be waiting for you next time 😊


At least you tried! I need to start week 7, but think I did my laces up too tight, as my left foot hurts on the top, which in turn is causing my calf muscle to play up! Thinking hopefully Monday, if my foot and calf muscle play ball. Hope things improve for you.


No fail.. just postponed, try again when you feel better, you know how to try and combat stitch?


I got stitch the other night on a 5k. I stopped running, touched my toes, then reached right up,with my warms in the air and reached for the sky, side bend into the stitch and then the other way. Ran on ok

It happens but you don't need to give up,on your run 😊


Thanks everyone, I've had a really crappy time since Christmas but the running has been the one really positive thing (guess the job too!) so despite splitting with a partner I was supposed to be starting C25K with, I still started it on my own and got this far, probably more determined than ever but my runs have been affected on certain days..

Going to re-try this run, was hoping tomorrow morning but it was snowing very lightly when I got home tonight so will see how the weather is. I really struggle anyway in the cold with my breathing so I won't be too disheartened if I still can't do it as I HATE this cold weather..

Any tips on beating a stitch welcome!! the app said it was to do with dehydration but the odd twinge in previous runs I felt more was breathing related but I've not had time to google it yet.

first_mateGraduate in reply to KS69

Good luck, I'm sure you can nail it this time you're doing so well x I must admit I do tend to drink a fair bit of water before I go out (not so much I need the loo while I'm out though lol) and so far I've not suffered from a stitch 'looks round and touched window frame'. May just be coincidence but might be worth a go x

KS69Graduate in reply to first_mate

I usually have a milkshake :-/

This was a weird run all round though..!

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