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I have just started WK4 R1 and didn't complete it. I struggled the last 2 minutes had to reduce down to fast walking, feel a bit disappointed. I also suffered with stitch, can anyone help with advice? thank you !

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One cause of stitch is poor hydration, could you be dehydrated?

EMG1Graduate in reply to OlsBean

It did say this on the podcast so will try to hydrate more before going out for a run. Just wished I had been able to finish it . Would you recommend redoing the run so make sure I have completed it 3 times completely before moving on to the following week?

See how you feel after R2 and R3, a lot also depends your personal mindset, with me personally I would have to complete it otherwise following week it would be in the back of my mind, nagging away, an added attribute toward making me fail the harder run, but I am though a little OCD'ish at times :)

EMG1Graduate in reply to OlsBean

Yes I agree thanks OlsBean ! Will make sure I drink plenty and do my run on Wednesday. I have a positive mindset and I wont give up!

BeekGraduate in reply to EMG1

Hi EMG1 - In my experience I find I do better if I take in more water the day before I run. I try to drink a great deal throughout the day and it does help me.

Good luck next time!

EMG1Graduate in reply to Beek

Hi there beek, that's great advice and will be doing that today as my next run is tomorrow ! Will let you know how I get on :-)

I found taking on water before running, starting at a comfortable pace helps prevent and, as you did, easing off if stitch sets in. Important think for me is that you kept going through it to finish.

EMG1Graduate in reply to jamesbmorley

I am very determined ! so thanks for the message... will be drinking more water

jamesbmorley in reply to EMG1

Go for it! And good luck!!


every single time I go for a run (ok its only been 4 times so far lol) I get a stitch, so I do that thing where when you breath in you push out your belly and then fully breath out. It seems to work for me and the stitch lasts only 20 seconds. But it would be nice to prevent them, so I am going to try and hydrate myself more

EMG1Graduate in reply to Hidden

Hey AmandaWoodpecker that's great thanks I did have a go at that but didn't totally work... it was right towards the end of the run tho. Good luck with the running... I cant believe how good I feel !!


It does feel amazing afterwards and I feel so much more relaxed :)

EMG1Graduate in reply to Hidden

Good Luck this week....



I'm on week 7 run 2 (tonight) and I do tend to suffer with side stitch on my right hand side.

I do hydrate well but no matter how much water I drink, I start to get a stitch around 10 minutes in. I tried the breathing to a different pattern but couldn't get the hang of it.

What tends to work for me now is when I feel a stitch coming on I slow down a little, breath deep through my nose, hold it for a second or two then force it out of my mouth hard and fast. I also try to loosen my shoulders and shake my arms out. I must look and sound like a total loon to others around me but it tends to keep the stitch at bay.

Hope you get it sorted!


EMG1Graduate in reply to bjammin

Right I now feel very equipped with all this great advice. I suppose we are all different but now I have some great ideas and will see which one works... good luck with your run this evening Bjammin ! and thanks !


I used to run a lot in school and get stitches but am stitch-free this time around so this advice is pretty outdated but it worked really well. I used to breathe in two shorter breaths and then out one longer. Does that make any sense?

NausicaaGraduate in reply to Nausicaa

Just realised this post in a year old! Sorry‚I'm new to this forum.

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