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Stuck on week 7

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I was elated to do my first 25 minute run but I’ve not been able to do it again. I’ve tried 5 times now but each time stopped after about 12 minutes. I’ve really enjoyed it up until this Week 7 and felt I was doing well but I’ve hit a brick wall now. Any suggestions? I take rest days, drink water before and don’t have particular health problems except being late sixties and a bit overweight.

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Well done on getting to this point 😃💪👍. You’ve done the hardest week so you can rejoice about that.

Relax and enjoy the remainder of the programme. Go again! If you’re adequately fed, hydrated and rested all should be well. Slow things right down! Going slowly should get you to the end

Good luck. Let us know how you get on 😃👍

Be assured that we all meet stumbling blocks along the way, but we press on over the hump to Graduation, and so will you


You don't say why you are stopping.

Are you in pain?

Are you exhausted?

Those are the only two reasons that should prevail when deciding to stop during a run. Some people do a mental checklist of every part of their body when tempted to stop...........if everything is ok, then the problem is in your head........ keep running.

This sounds like a mental battle. Don't let it build into a mental block.

You could just tell yourself that you are going out to see how far you can run, with no expectations and no clock watching.

In those final weeks of the plan I started to give myself a running commentary on everything I could see, hear, smell and feel as I ran, in full florid sentences. This distraction worked for me and makes you lift your head and embrace your environment, rather than thinking about running and time.

Listening to your favourite music or a podcast might also provide that distraction.

You know you can do it, so relax and enjoy it.

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I'm 62 and been taking my time repaying things and repeating weeks until I'm confident to go on to the next stage and going back if I'm struggling. I'll hesitate at some point. I've got to week 7 but it's taken me since July!

On the plus side you've got this far and i bet you feel fitter and better. I may graduate this side of xmas or i may not. But I'll feel far better than i did a year ago

Keep at it


Can you say why you're stopping at 12 minutes . Are you breathless , slow down are you're legs aching, maybe you need to up your water intake . Good luck you can do it😊


You are doing great, loads of good advice and encouragement above. I got a bit stuck at week 8 and challenged myself to run a new beautiful route for the next few runs, worked for me. Remember it will be so beautiful that you have to slow right down and enjoy the scenery. We will all be by your side cheering you on, good luck.

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I changed my listening habits, a good podcast makes all the difference for me, to take my mind off it. Once you’ve done it a couple of times your body will get used to it.


What do I know I am a newbie but have done a few 5ks now but have had a few unsuccessful runs along the way and for me things that have helped get past the down times are:

1. Music (or an audio book maybe but something to take your mind off clock/distance watching)

2. Route - I run a 'park route' so if I am struggling mentally can pick a tree/bush about 50 yards ahead set that as a target then see how I feel when I get there -= if you have a mile long road to get through it can look daunting at the start?

3. Speed - take it slow and if that doesn't work slow down again

4. The programme - it is to help, it is not the be all and end all - nobody is going to beat you up about spending an extra week recovering/repeating etc except yourself - so do what you need to do/feel comfortable with.

5. Targets - so you did 25 then struggled - don't worry about it do the 12mins - or set a target of 15 or split it - run 10 then 5 then 10 - i.e. try and avoid concentrating on a specific barrier/time as it will become a mental issue to get past .

6. Recovery - again make sure you get enough if you read around this most sites tell you it takes 1-2 days to recover so if you need an extra take it - its not the end of the world.

7. Positivity - there are loads of people out there older, younger, bigger, smaller that do this - nobody says it is a piece of cake but it should be within your grasp (in fact you have shown it is) - so stick with it and you will get there.

No idea whether that helps or not but hope it may! :)


Thanks for all your suggestions. I managed it yesterday with only a slight pause when I crossed a busy road. I think I just reached a panic point where something was telling me I couldn’t do it but I can and I have!


So glad to hear it! And do take care crossing busy roads


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