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Community Guidelines


Hi, Couch to 5K people!

Please see below our Guidelines for all users of this Community, we hope you will find them friendly and informative! This post is pinned for ease of reference, and comments are closed.

The Administrative Team


Welcome to the Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Communities for supporting your running and general fitness activities!

We’re very glad you have chosen to be a part of our community. These running and activity communities - offered by One You, the National Health Service (NHS), and HealthUnlocked (HU) - support individuals who are working on their activity/fitness levels. Whether you are just starting on your exercise/fitness journey or have been exercising for a while, we hope you will find these communities to be safe and supportive places for you to share your experiences and find information and support.

The communities are moderated by a Administrative Team of unpaid volunteers comprising Administrators, Moderators, and Ambassadors; and by staff at HU.

The Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Communities are part of HU, a network of over 200 conditions and wellness communities related to organisations you know and trust. By using HU you are accepting these posting guidelines and agree to HU’s site Guidelines and Terms of Use. Community members should read HU’s Guidelines in conjunction with the Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Community Guidelines.

HU Community Guidelines:

HU Terms of Use:

Below are our Community Guidelines, which are aimed at creating and maintaining a safe and supportive community for all of our members. Many of HU’s guidelines are repeated here.

Professional Health Information

The Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Communities strive to provide useful, up-to-date information on matters of concern to individuals who are increasing or maintaining their fitness levels. The information posted on this site should not be used as a means of diagnosis, determining treatment, nor replace the relationship between you, your doctors and other healthcare professionals. For diagnosis and treatment options, you are urged to consult your physician.

Community Atmosphere

The Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Communities are safe, supportive, informative, and friendly communities for people starting and/or maintaining a fitness regime. All participation in this community should be conducted with respect and honesty, in the spirit of supporting and learning from fellow users.

Please note that while the One You and NHS organisations are based in the United Kingdom, members may be located worldwide. As such, details on approved medications, treatment protocols, healthcare, insurance, and other related topics may differ and should always be verified depending on your specific location.

Posting Content (Posts/Questions/Replies)

Content posted by individual members does not represent the views of the Administrative Team, or of HU.

By publishing content in these communities you are agreeing to post information that is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and is primarily drawn from personal experience. You are encouraged to post content about your own experience with your fitness journey (or that of a loved one), ask questions, and offer support and advice. You should always try to stay within topic to help keep the forum a great resource for people who want to get fit.

Content should never be abusive, derogatory, sexually explicit or suggestive, or deliberately misleading. If you believe someone else’s content violates this rule, please report it via the “Report” function that can be accessed via the "More" drop down arrow beneath each post. Content that is felt to violate these, or HU's, Community Guidelines will either be edited or removed. All feedback reports are read by members of the Administrative Team, and it is up to their judgement as to what action, if any, is taken.

Expletives: If any member of the Administrative Team notices swear words being used in a way that they feel contravenes the HU Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, they may decide to remove the words, or mute them with asterisks, and will explain the reasons for this action to the author.

Neither the Administrative Team nor HU are responsible for any offence or injury that a member may draw from another member’s content.

Any content posted on these communities can be read, used, reproduced, and cited by other users of the site. You have the option to delete content you posted.

When you post third-party information, such as information about exercises, trainers events etc, you are asked to provide references and links to sources wherever possible. Please ensure links are to a reputable site.

Private Messages

We operate a zero tolerance approach to unwanted intrusive personal messages. Please report these. The Administrative Team do not have the ability to moderate personal messages but HU take any personal message that has made a recipient feel uncomfortable very seriously.

Here are HU's guidelines on muting and reporting a private message:

Moderating Content

Content posted on these communities is moderated by the Administrative Team and by HU. Moderation occurs only after content is posted.

Moderation helps maintain a safe, positive environment for all members of the communities. Content may be edited or removed to ensure that the communities remain supportive and responsive for all members.

The communities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moderation occurs primarily between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm GMT, Monday through to Friday. Moderators may be present outside those hours entirely at their own convenience. The Administrative Team reserve the right to turn off replies to any contentious posts whenever they see fit, and may also restrict the person(s) involved if deemed necessary. Any such situation will be dealt with fully at a time that is convenient to members of the Administrative Team.


Please note that the Administrative Team does not endorse or recommend any specific products, services, therapies, or activities mentioned by any third party (individual or company).

Online Safety

In our communities, there may be discussions of health-related issues and sharing of personal information.

The Couch to 5K, Bridge to 10K, Marathon Running and Race Support, Strength & Flex, and Active 10 Communities are open websites, meaning that all posts are indexed by internet search engines, and can be shared via social media platforms. The default setting of posts allows them to be visible to individuals who are not members of the communities. If you would rather your content was not searchable, you can change the visibility of your post by selecting "Only followers in my community" before clicking submit. This will result in only the post title and first line of text being visible to those who are not members of the community. However, doing this will limit the number of people who will find and benefit from the information you have shared. We suggest members leave posts open for everyone to find if they are comfortable doing so to ensure more people find communities and benefit from the wealth of information on HU.

For your own safety, you should not disclose personal information such as your full name, email address, home address, telephone number, or any other information which could directly or indirectly identify you. Remember posting runs with GPS information can give out more information than you might want to share with strangers, some maps can show the street you live on. When posting event-related photos please be mindful that your race bib number can allow anybody to find your full name and other personal details.

For more information on general online safety guidelines please visit:

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