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Sorry C25K, you’re not for me right now

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I started C25K because I needed a challenge. On my online dating profile I’d professed (perhaps my husband would say confessed...) to always needing “a purpose and a plan”.

I’d got to 32 and I felt I had it all really, but my work life started to deteriorate. I was bored.

“I know”, I thought “I’ll take up running”. So I did.

I got to the end of W7 with no real issues, the runs felt difficult but doable and I was delighted with my progress.

Then, hurrah, I landed a new job. It is all the challenge I need and I feel I have a purpose again. I’m mentally tired at the end of the day, for the first time in ages.

I ran W8R1 at first attempt and hit 5K, but the high just wasn’t there. I started W8R2 but my heart wasn’t in it. My heart had been turning my legs and that connection had just gone. Another attempt felt no better.

So, I’m sacking Sarah. I’ve switched to Runkeeper and its 5min/1K updates, which I much prefer and I’m sticking to 20 minutes for now. Enough for a cardio workout and enough for me mentally.

So that’s my lot for now, until such a day as I’m bored again and pick up at W7. Being perpetually 2 weeks away from 30 mins running is okay. It’s the right balance for my life right now 😊

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Good luck it’s not for everyone

Thanks. You’re right, it’s not. I am conditioned by my sporting history to value speed over distance/endurance. It’ll make me happier to see how far I can go in that 20 mins.

As an old girl I’m just happy to keep going so it suits me but I’ve never followed a programme before and would have given up without my partner keeping us on plan

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If you are running 20 mins regularly then that is brilliant. C25K will still be here if you change your mind, well done on your progress and congratulations on landing a fantastic new job. ☺

Thanks very much. I’m super happy right now 😁

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Hey, but stay on the forum. However you’re getting there, you’re getting there.

That’s the thing though. I don’t feel any need to “get there”. A pretty pacey 20 mins is so much more enjoyable for me than plodding for 28. This isn’t a “can’t do it”, it’s more “actually, I’d rather do something a bit different”. My new aim (not terribly serious, before anyone starts doing the calculations and telling me I’d have to be an Olympian) is to hit the same number of burned calories as I was in week 8!

I’ll hang around for sure 😊

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You run for you... this is about safe and structured you are is not for you. Wishing you success in whichever direction you choose to go:)

Oh gosh, that makes it sound like I’m going completely off piste! 😬

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to FormerAthleteNowMum

Not at all 😉

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