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Run in the early morning rain

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So third run after holiday and I knew I had to get out there today or risk not getting my pre hol mojo back. Woke before 5:00 am alarm listening for rain. Rain but not of Biblical proportions. 15 mins later I’m out the door with Now Running 19 in my ears ( Desert Island discs not gonna cut it this morning!). Quick paced warm up walk and I’m off! What’s this? It feels good and I’m getting wet !! It continues to feel good and I get very wet but end up running 4.23km in 32.44 average pace 7:44 which is still back of the pack stuff but for me is pretty darned fab! 🏃‍♀️

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Running in the rain is underrated!

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Good run for today, despite the rain, this morning I ran a 5K at the exact pace as you, if you had continued to 5K you would like me completed it in 38.05.

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purplewalkerGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I’m in good company then!

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to purplewalker

Yip, 👍😊🏃

That is excellent and very similar pace to what I run!

I’ve recently discovered that I never want to go out for a run when it’s raining but I absolutely love running in the rain once I’m out!!

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purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Zippy17726

Weird isn’t it. I like it when my pace starts with a 7 and not too fussed about the digits after. Starting with a 6 seems far distant but maybe one day...

I’m not too fussed on the pace either, I think I’m more set on slowly being able to run longer and longer no matter how slow because I still find it astonishing that I am where I am after doing the c25k and am classed as a runner!!

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purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Zippy17726

Indeed! Happy running!

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Any average pace starting with a 7 sounds nippy enough to me! Well done in the rain. Think we will all have to learn to love it this year, as there seems to be no predicting when it will turn up. We’ve had a week’s variety in a day here in the south today! 😄😎☔️ But not snow... yet.

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purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Granspeed

Good point!

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