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W8R2 but nobody I know cares


Hi everyone,

Today I completed run 2 of week 8. This is my first time running, and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, and how close I am to completing C25K.

The thing is, I’ve shared what I’m doing with a few people, and nobody seems to care. I’m doing this for me, but the lack of any kind of validation from people I care about is really getting me down.

It’s really raining on my parade at the moment, sorry to be so negative. I think C25K is amazing, and I just needed to share my frustrations with people who understand what a big thing this is.

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We care!

I totally get it. Many of my friends and esp my family were underwhelmed by my c25k efforts. But for me it was a big deal. I wanted to shout " I like the couch! I got off it! Do you people Not appreciate the effort I'm making?"

But this forum and all the lovely people here care. We get it. We get your achievement.

So go you! I'm proud of what you have done today x

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it.


I am getting a little of that as well, my family are supporting me on my runs, especially my daughter who just yesterday printed out the barcode so I can get to a parkrun.

But if I mention to some other people that I run, they think I am bragging about how fit I am, they don't seem to mind when I tell them I cycle or go long walks but when I mentioned runs they just look at me and say "what" 🤔

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Yes I think there’s something about running that makes people react like that. It’s great your family are supporting you.

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Jealousy? Can’t imagine themselves doing it so move on quickly?

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It’s a massive achievement, as hundreds of people on this forum would agree. Do not doubt the value of what you are doing. It’s you that will benefit, so don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

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Thanks Stephen. I know it’s for me, but it got me down today, probably because I was especially pleased with today’s run.

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The main thing is to keep at it. It will be its own reward.


I care... we care.... and I am so sorry other folk don't seem to... !

You are doing wonderfully, and these lovely longer runs are letting the newly forming legs find their happy pace....you should be really, really proud...:)

It is hard if folk don't get it... maybe a tad envious? Soon you are going to reach that podium and we will all be here to celebrate with you...maybe then, your folk will see how much you have achieved.

Chin up... we are right here with you and we think you are totally awesome!

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Thank you!


Absolutely it’s a big achievement and it’s tough if others around you aren’t aware of that. However, on here we totally get it. Only recently after doing 2 x 10k’s, have I told any friends that I’ve been running, the first person I told was really acknowledging of what I’d achieved, the second seemed almost aggrieved that I was doing it and the third totally ignored it!! I guess it means different things to different people, however it’s what it means to us as the runner that is the important thing. So hold on to that because that’s what’s important and that’s what’s special about running. Oh and keep on sharing on here, where there’s fabulous support and acknowledgement. Happy running days. 🙂🏃‍♀️

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Thanks for your support


First of all well done. I don't think people don't care it's just that they don't understand the joy of running and don't know how great it is to complete runs. Don't worry we all understand on here and really do care about your progress so just keep talking to us and remember what running means to you 😊😊

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Thank you!


I agree with everyone so far! My 1st reaction was jealousy - if that’s how they are, you can’t change them, but you can change how you feel - turn their negativity into determination to succeed and show them they can’t hurt you! It’s not easy when doubts and negativity from others start creeping up on you but you know what...? If they can’t/won’t support you are they worth it?! Imo, no - I’m not saying ditch them, just carry on achieving and do your best to ignore the lack of enthusiasm 🤗 x (Hope it helps a little)

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It does thank you.

OH! You have found the right place here... we ALL CARE very much!

Congratulations on run 2 of week 8... you are very close to graduating and you are already a "runner"...

I'm so sorry you didn't find this WONDERFUL group sooner in your journey - but we will be cheering you to the end and BEYOND!



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Thank you!


Just keep going - they probably don’t get it. They’ll see it eventually. They may also be jealous! Join a club. Do parkrun. You’ll find plenty of people who will care.

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Thanks Tasha.


I am sorry they make you feel down. Congratulations on your achievement so far.

Before the C25K, when someone told you about their runnings, how did you react? As for me, I am sure there was a time when I did not listen enough to a runner. Because I didn't understand. Buddy34 said similar. 😀

My family don't bother much, I learned to accept that. Sometimes it makes me sad but more often than not the benefits of going and jogging 'outfeel' that. I do miss the enthusiasm of a buddy or family, though.

Do you think you could involve them, either by running or at least talking about your feelings?

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Well my husband started running two years ago and I’ve always been supportive and interested in his runs. It’s been getting to me that I’m getting very little acknowledgement from him.

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Oh, I am really sorry. It can be heart breaking. 😥

Very similar here. 😢

Can it be that he didn't appreciate running and that's why he gave it up, and that's why he 'doesn't get it'?

Feel free to send me a private message if you want to cry on my shoulder. 📲✔️

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Me too! I’m just starting week 6, never thought I’d get this far! My partner has been running for most of his life. He’s 55 and I’m 60. I’m very slow but I’ve achieved it all so far. He’s does come with me on my runs but never says well done, I get my encouragement from Michael Johnson! His last comment was ‘It’s better if you don’t keep stopping to walk!’

Just carry on and be proud of yourself! Don’t worry what others think or say!

Good luck for your graduation x

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Ah, sorry. Those 'it's better if...'s can be discouraging.

Stick to Mr Johnson and hopefully Mr Tanner will grow to that level of support. [Hug]


Welcome. You’re doing great stuff out there. Sometimes the non runners go quiet and dismissive about our achievements because they can’t do it... sometimes it’s all we can talk about and they just don’t get it... I think for those closest to you to not care at all is unlikely. Anyways... you got us! 80,000 of us on the journey, looking at starting the journey, having done the journey and remembering how it felt. That’s a huge stadium full of people who really care. This is your first time running... you’re running 28 minutes at a time... you’re 4 runs off finishing the challenge and changing your life... I’m proud of you.

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Thank you.


It's a huge thing! Well done you! Sometimes you've just got to say, I'm doing this for me and I don't care what anyone thinks! You deserve this and you've only got 4 more runs to do! Look how far you've come. I bet you had no idea how much you were capable of when you started this. Well done for getting this far and keep pushing! 🏃‍♀️

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Thanks, yes I’m so excited about how far I’ve come. Other people’s indifference has made me feel a bit stupid.

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No, no, no - don't you DARE feel stupid! You have soooo much to be incredibly proud of - you're on Week 8 and running non-stop for 28 minutes! You probably found the earlier weeks tough at times but you KEPT ON GOING? In a couple of runs time, you'll be running for 30 minutes non-stop - that's AWESOME! Don't let anyone, however much you love them, make you feel stupid for being super proud and super excited about what you've achieved.

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Noooo don't feel stupid. Feel excited. Exhilarated. Proud!

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That could be (albeit subconsciously) what they want you to feel?? You aren’t the one with the problem, (you’re not hurting anyone) but they are, (and themselves if they aren’t already living a healthier lifestyle) 🤗🤗


We're cheering you on ! We care !

It helps to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Stick around here and we'll cheer you pn !

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I have a friend that rings me just to talk about running, he was driving his wife insane. He honestly believes that I've saved his marriage.

I'm afraid the only solution to your problem is to find other running addicts. Fortunately for you... we're right here. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Thank you!


When a reporter told Mrs Einstein that her boy had just cracked a major mystery of the Universe with his e =mc2

Her response was a muttered

"And from this he can make a living?"

Falconhoof - sod the rest of the world, you have found your People :) We know what it takes and admire it in others :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future my Running Pal :)

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Thank you!


They literally don't know what they are missing.........

......we know what they are missing.

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You’ve done the right thing by joining this forum. There are many like-minded people on here and we have carried each other when needs be. I’m carried on a regular basis!! Sometimes we’re on a high, other times struggling to get motivated but it’s all part of our development into runners. And we’re here to share these rollercoasters of emotions. I’ve never posted without receiving an encouraging response. Go for it and well done!! 😀

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Thank you for your response, the support is very much appreciated.


You've just said it, you are doing it for yourself. This community here cares, and to be honest, I never pester my friends (including those who are close) with what l do. This may be hard to believe but I haven't told any of them that l ran a marathon. If they are runners I'd share it, but they are not so we talk different, common interest things. My wife figured out l was running a marathon simply because l stayed out there without answering my phone for a while so she got worried. When l explained myself afterwards she got it. See! I also do it for myself. :)


Wow what a fantastic thread Falconhoof- it’s all been said. But I’ll say it again - We Care - keep posting - happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️


We care, you care. Not much need for anything else. Enjoy, fellow runner 😀


Hey, we care, so well done you. They might secretly be jealous because they don’t have the get up and go to do it too. Stay on here and share your story and you’ll have plenty of people glad for you.

Hello. Firstly, well done for getting this far! It is frustrating when our loved ones can't enjoy or validate our achievements with us. I think sometimes it is because they don't like change and other times it reflects their own insecurities. It gets harder as you go on to do more running..... I come home all excited about a run or a race or I excitedly explain a training plan to a polite but bland face staring back at me lol! Instead I've found running friends to run with and talk to and this forum! Not everyone loves running but overall they should be proud of your achievement. I know for myself it was an incredible goal and one I was very proud of. We are all here to cheer you on! Keep going.

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Nice message. That blank face staring back is familiar to many. 🤔

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🤣🤣 I've learnt not to take it personally - I probably have the same look about his computer games!

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Ah, that must be my case, too. I ignore the Xbox games and action films.

I think that's what I get back about running.

Never thought of it that way! 🤔😀

Yet, jogging feels better to me.

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It's just a different release. Well for me and my guy anyway. I run to process my stress, tough days etc. He plays his games to escape reality!

But the polite not interested looks are the same 🤣 The only people I know who are excited about running training plans are other runners!

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You are probably right. My cousin is a runner, a real one, and I was never specially interested in any of his runnings or achievements. I was happy for him, of course, but could not comment or anything. I think it was just too far to understand. Now I see it with different eyes.


We care, we have been there and understand. Just think to yourself that you are doing something good, something positive for yourself, a gift to yourself and that by the time you are finished you will be able to do something that probably 95% of the population can't.

Then you go and do your first 5k run, and you get a medal and it feels like olympic gold. You do lots of 3 or 4 K runs because it keeps you in training and they are short runs, then you think to yourself " I cannot believe I consider 3/4k a short run". That's when it kicks in and you smile to yourself.

I did my first 10 last week, pleased as punch and do 3/5 k as short training runs but I remember when 5 was a big target so big it was scary, like a monkey om my back.

I do post achievements on facebook and get quite a lot of support though but that said i do it for me and to see the look on peoples face when a chubby 55yo says he ran 5k before breakfast!

I have followed you, I want to hear how you get on.

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Thanks Jonno. The responses have been amazing, I’m really emotional going through them all now.

Hi Falconhoof.

I can assure you that we care. And I know exactly how you feel. My wife was incredibly supportive (as she always is) and my nephew came twice to run with me. But nobody wanted to join me - even for a walk, so I felt like "the loneliness of the long distance runner". It also shows why so many people are unhealthy. So please feel proud to know that you are in the minority who jumped up and decided to do something about your health and mind. We all support you, from afar.

Interesting how people approach this I start week 5 on Monday and have for the most part kept it to myself I don’t personally need anything from anyone and my motivation just comes from within its hard but when you get to do that first park run sub 30 mins you will know what you have achieved and for me that’s all the reward you need?

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I’ve only told a few people about it, it’s not a secret but I don’t tend to bring it up with people. I was so excited after yesterday’s run, it hit me how my husband just wasn’t bothered.

I can run 10k now and still nobody cares haha 😂. Just be proud of what you've achieved. People who don't do it don't get it and don't see how hard it is to achieve. But don't let that take away how proud you are of yourself!


We care! Well done you. I have just started c25k and have had to stop as I have a groin strain. Starting again next week tho. Some folks are just jealous because you have motivation and the ability to see something through to the end. Remember, this is for you, not the nay-sayers.

Crack on Falconhoof.


We all care and I think unless you have friends who run, it can be difficult for them to understand.

I usually go early morning and my partner never asked me how I got on. Until I called him out on it. Now he does and it feels a little better. I have a colleague and we started the C25k at the same time so we chat regularly about it.

I haven’t told my parents or many of my friends because I am doing it for me.

The whole point of this forum is to get support and we all will because we know what an achievement it is to complete it. So well done and keep going x

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Thanks, my husband and a few of my close friends are runners, so I thought they’d show some interest, but no.

I also haven’t told my parents either, for some strange reason I want to keep it to myself.

Well Boooo to your friends. They of all should understand and be supportive

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Maybe your husband feels threatened by you running? Maybe ask him for tips to make him feel helpful or boost an ego! But I would have thought he would totally understand the pull of running if he does it too. X

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You have good thoughts!

It’s a huge achievement and keep on trucking!

Keep your chin up and remember what you’re doing is amazing 🙏🏻


I care, to me it’s a massive achievement. Beggar anybody else and their opinion. You’ve done it you’ve made a massive sacrifice and your the one who actually got up off settee and are doing it. I always get negative reply’s off everybody except my daughter. I’m to old to run , I’m going to give myself a heart attack I’m going to die. These are questions I get asked daily. I don’t care about anybody or anything else. Blah, blah, blah.

But, when I run ( like a duck) I know , I feel free and I have got to think of my problems for a few hours. I’m running my first race on Friday night and I’m absolutely crapping myself. Not just because I’ll finish last, but I’ve got to rely on my husband to transport me there and back, more negative comments. Don’t listen to anybody else,except yourself.

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Well done Scobs, and all the best for Fridaynight. I ran an 8miler last year and came in last, but it was the most exhilarating experience and the support as I ran that last half mile was amazing! That’s why I keep on with this admittedly sometimes lonely journey, the sense of achievement is what keeps me running!

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I did it. I’m shattered, came last forgot to time my running, but really enjoyed it x

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So well done, Scobs !! Enjoying the challenge and then the Joy of passing that finish post, yay 😁

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Aaww you don’t need negative comments just before a race bless 🤗. You may feel you’re running like a duck, but are you actually? Even if you are it’s not important - the fact that you’re doing something you enjoy and achieving ‘stuff’ (even if it’s just within yourself) is all positive 👍🏻. Hope Fri goes well - keep us posted? x

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Thank you

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did it. I’m shattered, came last forgot to time my running, but really enjoyed it x

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Well done! 🤗 x

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Just had my official results

It’s a new personal best for me.


My old one was 42.5

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Haha, lovely post and I suggest you get a lift from someone else 😬

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Scobs, I find calling it a running event rather than a race reduces the stress! :-)

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Thanks Scobs, and good luck for the race. I can’t believe the negative replies you’ve had, I can’t help thinking that’s more about their insecurities.

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Thank you . Sometimes I think why do it listening to them and then I think bum to them I’m doing it for myself

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Exactly right imo!

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Great achievement, and fantastic you are doing a race.

Don't mind if you are last. I think everybody loves the last one, because they make the others feel more achieving.

I even forgot that I also used to receive warnings. And if not from at home, then from myself.

Please do post after the race! I wish you good running.

Is there a way you could motivate your husband re transport?

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No not really. I wish there was,I wouldn’t feel so down, but he knows I rely on him

in reply to Scobs

I see. If there is no alternative, then you have to listen to his pieces of advice. Is the race to far to cycle to? To expensive to take a taxi or too much hassle to use public transport? I know you thought of all this, already, so it's just a brain storming.

I am excited about you racing, well done.

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The race is to far to get to by cycling it’s about 28 miles away. No public transport goes there. I’m screwed my pb time is 44mins the slowest time is 31mins last year

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I did it. I’m shattered, came last forgot to time my running, but really enjoyed it x

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Ooooh, fantastic!!! 🤸🏃🤩🎉

I hope you are not disappointed with your position. I am also among the last ones in 5k.

I tend to think, all love the last one, makes the others more as an achiever. I think I shared this thought in this thread.

Next run...???

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Definitely I’m last . Just seen the results from 2018. The slowest is 31 mins. My PB is 44 mins. Yikes 13 mins slower.

Also just realised it’s a race not a run 🤦‍♀️

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Do not worry. Just do what you can. And please send a post after the run.

Is it a 5km race?

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Yes a 5 k race

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Are you ready for the race tomorrow? And your husband?

God will reward him for taking you there. Even if he doesn't want to.

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Kind of ready. My husband says it’s better to go with friend so I’m driving we haven’t a clue where it is , but better to go with her then him I. Afraid. Yes I am looking forward to it quite excited now, but also very nervous x and I’ll definitely send a post when I’ve done it

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Ah, that would be the crown if your husband supported you. But going with a friend is not bad, either. Are they racing, too?

Whereabout is that race, if you don't mind me asking. You can send a private message, some don't like to reveal location publicly.

I am now following you, so I would surely not miss your run report.

The weather is getting better and not too hot. But if it's muddy, take extra care.


We care! I haven’t told anyone apart from my husband that I am doing this - have made it to week 6 - but am super excited to do the big reveal when I graduate 🙂. Currently operating in stealth mode! All your forum friends care, share and understand the journey- don’t let people drag you down, perhaps your activity shines a spotlight on their lack of exercise? Happy running!


Dear Falcon the truth of the matter is that those who lack support for you will not understand the amount of mental and physical effort you have put into C25K. I had the same from people but do you know what.....I thought this is for me and this will make me even more determined to complete my goal and I have done this on MY own. Shows that you have a stronger you inside than you realised. Remember, this journey is one of discovery, not just on the trails, road or treadmill its also finding out what you're made of. Proud of you so keep it going and keep the faith.


I think this must happen to a lot of people..but its for you personally so you cant really expect too much...thats why this forum is so good.


Think most of us have this t-shirt - it is a huge deal for us doing it but unless you have actually done the programme and realise the commitment, improvement and sense of achievement then they sadly don't get it!! Their loss I have decided as it is one of the best things I have done!! So, you have all of us on here, sounds cheesy, but over the weeks I have had more support from people on here!! Plus, could there be a slight jealousy that you have actually made the big leap of faith in your ability and done it and they haven't? Keep going and keep smiling!!! xx


Well done on your progress so far. It’s such a great feeling that we want to shout it from the rooftops but unfortunately not everyone wants to hear it do they? I only told very close family and 2 friends when I was on week 5. My daughter has been so supportive but lives away from home. I think my son thinks it’s great I’m running but likes to joke about how slow I am though he only came with me once at week 5. When I graduated last week I put up a Facebook post because I was feeling so proud. Had lots of likes and nice comments but no one has really asked me about it since. I think until most people try and run for 60 seconds they don’t actually realise how hard it is. And look how long we are running for now! Don’t get down. Continue to share your progress on here. It’s a whole new supportive family and I know I certainly couldn’t have done it without them 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

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Thanks Janice, and congratulations on graduating!


Hi Falconhoof, I’d just like to agree with what everyone else has said, we all care and you are doing brilliantly. I started C25K 1st Jan this year and graduated in March. And it is an amazing experience that I too want to share with people around me, it must be so frustrating for you not to have people who seem to care.

But the main thing is you are doing it for you.

Have you got a park run near you, they can be great places to find similar minded people. Or if by any chance you have an Up and Running Shop they run a free Social Running Group once a week which are brilliant at encouraging you and meeting new running people. It’s a very easy 4-5k run with rest stops for people to re group, where the better runners can carry on and do extra loops if they want while others catch up and chat. Ours in Darlington has been great for keeping me going. It was daunting turning up the first week as I’m not great at meeting new people, but everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Anyway well done once again and you’ll very soon have that magic word graduate beside your name.

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Thanks Clare and congratulations on graduating. Up and running sounds great.


Do you think they may be a little jealous of you for doing something that maybe they would like to but haven’t got the drive u have? I have to put my hand up and I used to feel like that 😕 until I used that envy to push myself.


You've come to the right place, we care!! Well done!! I am the opposite, I only people in my house get to hear about my running. 😊

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Thanks Eatrun, it’s the people in my house who are the problem!


We care. I had never run, didn't really understand the running until I started myself fairly far into a fitness regime. Always admired people who could run, never thought I'd be able to do it myself even when I started. Well done, it's a huge thing you are doing and an awesome acheivement. May be you will be an inspiration for one of those people who seem so unimpressed, who knows? But for you it's doing wonders 😊🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏆


Hi, I’m on the same run at you today and looking forward to it. When I come into my house after my run, I say to my hubby and kids “I’ve just run 28 minutes, give me high fives!” Then I make my husband listen to my stats, pace per min etc, he doesn’t mind ana says well done but he’s envious as he’s love to run and can’t cos of his back. Sorry you’re not getting support but as you’ve found out, come on here and lots of people will support you. We’re doing a great job, keep up the good running and before you know it, you’ll be graduating which is an amazing achievement. Maybe join a running club, be with like minded people who appreciate what you’re doing. Good luck 😁


Like so many have commented, C25K folks care. We know what an achievement it is just to get out of the door for that very first run. Now look at you, W8R2!!! Keep running & enjoy your fabulous achievement every time you step out that door 👍🏻

This is such a huge achievement! We are all so proud of you! Getting out there and running is awesome! You are awesome! Please don’t let your family rain on your parade. You do not need their validation at all, you will only ever need your own. Sure, it would be great if they could be supportive and excited with you, but sometimes the little old jealously monster creeps in. I’m guessing their lack of enthusiasm could be down to them being a little bit envious that you have got out there and done it. Often, the people closest to us can be the most uncomfortable when we change. Don’t let it deter you, let it fuel you instead. Well done! You’re doing amazing!!!!!!!! :)

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I think this reply is spot on, especially about that little bit of envy that makes folk move on quickly!


We are immeasurably proud of you, and we are also genuinely interested in how it is going. Keep up the excellent work, and it's not far to go now...

i find that many people are embassased when you tell them. They seem to think that it is just adding to their guilt at being unfit and possibly lazy.

The important thing is that YOU are out there doing it, and you ae so nearly there.

Are you an outdoor or dreadmill runner? Town, city or countryside? Tech user or 'naked' runner?

Do get back and let us all know...

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Thanks Sally, I’m pretty emotional going through all of these responses, thank you so much!

I’ve replaced the gym with running, alongside yoga a couple of nights a week. I used to do five minutes on the treadmill at the gym and hated it, I’ve done all of my C25K outdoors, and really enjoying a new world opening up to me. I should be using the gym for weights and a bit of cardio on rest days, I want to add that in at some point.

in reply to Falconhoof

One thing you will find on this forum is that we are a very supportive bunck. Whether someone is just thinking of venturing out of the door, or whether you have started and just run W1R1 or are a graduate and have moved onto 10Ks, HM or full marathons, we are all here to support, encourage, be ranted at, asked questions of etc.

Good luck, keep going and enjoy a whole summer [nay, life] of running.

we are ALWAYS here.

I understand too! I'm behind you in this journey and have 2 real life friends who run - except they have always just run, didn't have this journey - who congratulate me, but I'm reluctant to share with them as my achievements feel small compared to theirs! My family just look at me like "why are you running? Are you mental??" and my husband says "well done, that's great" with little enthusiasm 😁

I remember a friend in America who went from really overweight and unfit to running Ultras, and in the beginning when she was obviously so proud of herself, it was all she talked about. I've got to say, at the time we all got a bit cheesed off with her going on and on about it. NOW I understand, and now I feel bad that I wasn't more encouraging!

My point is, I guess people just don't understand how much of a big deal this is to us, how amazed we are that our bodies are DOING this, that we are loving it, and what a great feeling it is to know how far we've come and that we believe we can do more.

This community can be your place to get the validation you need, and you do need it. You're amazing, and we all need to hear that sometimes!

Well done you x

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Thanks, I can relate to so much of that!


Ok this is going to sting..... Rule 3: make friends with people who want the best for you and value you. (Jordan Peterson)

A friend is someone who you can say “I ran for 25 mins” and they will be thrilled......you can tell them “ I turned my ankle and I can’t run for three weeks “ and they don’t tell you that something worse happened to them.

You need new friends.... the ones you have are broken.

I’d tell them straight up that you are disappointed at their meh and lack of support and recognition.

Not with anger or spite.... ask them why. Chances are they feel ashamed they haven’t achieved owt

But you sweetie bloody well have!!!

I can appreciate the hard work you’ve put in and the triumph you feel...... flipping well done...I’m only on wk 6 and I’m inspired by you and everyone on the final week..... my goal is to run the local 5k and beat 19mins .(I currently run 5k in 3hrs). Because then those people who sneered and laughed are going to choke on it. Let them light a fire under you.

You are doing this and they aren’t

Hi falconhoof well we are all proud of you!! Keep up the good work! Yes this forum is amazing as we get so much encouragement from likeminded amazing people!!!


Well, I hope you can see you’ve found a bunch of people who DO care. 😊💕👍 And you’ve touched a nerve from folks who’ve had a similar experience.

Enjoy your running, and keep posting on here to enjoy Virtual Running Buddies who definitely get it! And who knows, in the fullness of time some of those apparently blasé folks may be inspired to overcome their fears & try C25k. 😄

What you have achieved is bloody amazing, this is the 3rd time I’m trying C25k (W8R1) and I’ve never got past W4 in the past.

Remember you are doing this for you and that great feeling you feel every time you complete a new milestone. You need to share your journey with like minded people and remember why you started this journey back in W1.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey and you can do this....

in reply to Munty

Thanks Munty, and hello from week 8 also! Well done for not giving up and getting this far, I hope you’re excited as I am about graduating!


Well, as so many of us have commented here, I think you now know we all really do care about your amazing achievement, fellow runner! Love all my VRBs (Virtual Running Buddies), so perhaps, as I found, it is time to find some of us in real life, via your local Parkrun and/or event like Race for Life? You don’t have to tell anyone where you live - just post saying I’m going to be at X Parkrun this Saturday, anyone else going to be there?

Even if no-one on here is geographically close, volunteering at Parkrun (which can be as simple as helping to set up, or hand out finish tokens) will mean you get to meet some like-minded people who understand, and your fellow volunteers are usually a pretty nice set of people - simply because they have chosen to help others. After that, you might start noticing the regulars, and the clubs, and before you know it you’ll be among new friends who’ll be there during your run and at the finish line to ask how it went, and answer your questions.... and then you will get to hear about all the other running things you can join in with.

Non-runners won’t get it. Friends and family can be jealous, suspicious or worried they will ‘lose’ you to your new lifestyle. But that’s more about them, than you! It’s just a reflection of their problems and insecurities. Don’t let them limit you.

When they realise that running makes your life better, and so their life better, and that you don’t become a bore because now you have new running friends to discuss running with, they will realise they had nothing to fear and might even be encouraged to start/ restart their own running journey 😁👍


its not that they don't care its the fact that they have not got the balls to have a go.


I know how you feel as

had the same response. I don’t mention it now unless anyone asks (which is hardly ever!). As others have mentioned, use this forum to tell everyone how you feel, how your run was or anything else. We all will read, like and even comment.

Your running is for you and the fact that you are at week 8 which is a great week as all the hard work is finally starting to show. Your muscles, lungs and heart love what you are doing. X


So, you know some short-sighted people.

We aren't short-sighted, and nor are you.

I find many people who react like that are secretly in awe of you, but they are ashamed that they don't have it in them to get off the couch, so they appear dismissive.

Maybe your example will save one or two along the way.



It's like lots of interests we have in life, those that are most interested are those that share the same enjoyment. C25K is amazing and you will find all the support and movitation you need to continue. You have come so far, keep on running and post how you are getting on.

Join a running club. Do a park run. Surround yourself with like minded people. Running has broadened my social interactions. You're moving on and that might mean leaving others behind. Figuratively and literally. And remember this mantra: those who matter won't mind, and those who mind don't matter.


I agree with so many comments here. My daughter actually asked why am I bothering! But the high of your first 5k run is just amazing. Join a park run or local group where you can be with like minded folk. Possibly people/family may think it’s just a fad or a craze. They will be impressed when they realise how committed you are to being fit and healthy.

Enjoy your running xx


You're doing great! You're nearly there! 👍😁

Try not to let it get to you. I tell my best friend that I've run 15 or 16 miles... she just looks blank 🤣 she's happy I'm happy but it means literally nothing to her. She's can't even begin to imagine.

That's a big part of it, remember when it was beyond you to run for 3 mins? We couldn't imagine 10 or 20 then! That's all it is. The concept is just beyond their field of experience.

Get yourself on Strava. Kudos from other runners who get it makes up for a general lack of enthusiasm from others 😉

Keep it up! So close now 😁

Until I started the programme last week I was one of the doubters, the ‘who cares’ brigade when folk told me they had started 🏃‍♀️

Now I am ready for my WK1R2 today I totally get it!

pity them they don’t understand the buzz if they don’t do it!

You are doing great and I hope I can achieve what I read all of you are!

Keep it up


Others have already said my thoughts - the support here is amazing😃 Keep running, keep getting healthy, keep doing it for yourself and keep posting! 👟👟😄

I think it helps to use Strava or any other similar app that records and publishes your runs to friends that also use the same app. I find it very motivating to get kudos and comments from like minded people. Don't worry about the non-runners, although you will probably find that after a while you may inspire some of them to do the same as you, it sometimes just takes a little time.

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Thanks, I’m on Strava but only added three people, my husband two friends. I usually get no Kudos.

in reply to Falconhoof

I'll follow you if we can work out how to find each other...


My kids are impressed, others think it's hilarious at my age. Who cares, it's me that counts. Sometimes the pressure of fitting the runs in to family life and the weather makes it hard to carry on. I keep on going and always feel better afterwards, then I get validation.

Well done for getting to w8!! This is massive and amazing! (I’ve been perpetually stuck on week 4 so totally in awe).

Is it worth trying to explain to those closest to you why it’s important, what it means to you and why you need support? Ultimately people’s behaviours are on them and it’s not at all a reflection of you and your successes.

Best of luck and big hugs.

in reply to Jen-James-

One foot in front of the other just keep those legs rotating,positve mind,you can do it.

I'm doing it and never thought i'll get to W8.


in reply to Jen-James-

Thanks Jen-James-, I did confront my husband for the second time last night. Good luck moving on from week 4, you can do it!


Well done 👏👍 great achievement be proud of what you've done x


Yes we care. We realise what an achievement it is. Well done. I graduated in May and ran the Edinburgh 5km later that month. A tough course but did it. Keep going.

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Thanks, and congratulations graduating and doing a 5K!


Hi there, well done it IS a huge achievement... we’ve also just completed week 8 and feel very proud of ourselves...

I have also noticed several friends and family are less then encouraging... I think it’s more to do with-them feeling that they should be doing about their own fitness and not any ill feeling towards those doing it (if that makes sense?😉)

Keep going almost there 🎉🏃‍♀️ Can’t believe I can run 28mins after struggling 90seconds in week 1 😊😊😊


Jogunlikely has it spot on - we care, you care and that’s all you need to know. I reckon your nearest and dearest will gradually come round as they see you getting fitter and stronger with your regular running - go for it and know we’re with you all the way!

You’ve come to the right place! We totally understand what this means for everyone who embarks on this journey and we will support you on your journey, you are not alone.

Have you considered a park run? You will meet like minded people at these events and it’s great running amongst people.

We all care on c25k. I’m one run behind you so keep posting !


As everybody else says, falconhof, you have an enormous band of supporters here. I too think that some of it is down to jealousy.

Funnily enough, at a recent family party, I found that running was something that I had in common with my nieces and their husbands. My daughter commented that I never talked about anything else (not actually true!), and then a few weeks later, told me she'd started c25k, despite sometimes having to push her little boy in the buggy. I was thrilled, as you can imagine.

On the other side of the coin though, my partner used to be a serious runner, and can't any more due to health problems, and I'm now as fit as I've ever been (at 72!), so I feel a bit guilty about that.

Go for it, and you may find some of your friends actually take it up too.

It’s a huge achievement, and I love this forum where everyone cares and is going through the same thing. I’ve never run before and never thought I could run but running is now my time to switch off from the world and I love it. Getting to week 8 is such a huge milestone so well done. Don’t let others rain in your parade you are doing amazing and it’s a huge achievement. Good luck on your last week of running. X


Well I think you are amazing . You must be so proud of yourself. We care!

Your doing an amazing thing. I told people I was aiming to run the London marathon next year. So I'm building up to it, particularly as I haven't ran since school (26 yes ago). And I have MS, the response was the usual" you must be mad". I believe its mainly jealousy and embarrassment that they can't do it, so there response it very muted. I don't mention it to people now. Just remember why your doing it, and what made you start. I bet it was for you, not other people. Everyone on here knows how hard it is and what a massive undertaking it is. There's tons of support here too. Keep going you will be so proud of yourself when you achieve your goals. Then people will stop being muted. They'll be asking you HOW you did it 👍👊👊👊👊😊

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WTG on running any marathon never mind ‘THE’ marathon - good for you and hope you do well - I’ve always been in awe of anyone that can run/walk 26miles 👍🏻🤗 x

I care I think you are amazing .I've just started week 3 and it's people like you that are keeping me going 😉

I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s such a big deal to do C25K! All of my friends said they felt they should run along with me at the beginning but none of them have - too difficult, I suppose?? But they always ask how I’m doing, which is ok. I wonder if your nearest and dearest are secretly scared they wouldn’t be able to do what you’ve done so they pretend it’s not important.

The thing is, you know! You know what you’ve achieved and how much better you feel. Be sustained by that and eventually your friends and family will show they care. Xx


It’s a massive achievement and not for the faint hearted! Could it be jealousy?

It’s always a surprise how little people really look outside themselves. Disappointing when it means they aren’t responding to or valuing your achievement. The flip side is, though, that when things go wrong (the massive spot, the laddered tights, the fluff in a presentation) they aren’t taking that much notice then either.


Sorry to hear that you aren't getting support from those you tell. My family are very supportive, though a couple of people I know seem to feel it is a criticism that they aren't active. Have you got a Parkrun near you? I try to do it every week, and although I am quite slow I find everyone there so supportive, cheering me on through the finish. I have found the same at other 5k charity runs I have done. Well done on your amazing achievement, and as my runner daughter says, you are lapping the people still sat on the couch.

in reply to Tina49

That’s v true, I never thought of it like that - thank you to your daughter x


Well done you! You're amazing 😊 you've done so well, keep it up. All the support you'll ever need can be found right here! Keep telling us your stories and share your runs with us all 😁


I’m at the same stage as you so well done - I have struggled and had to go back to W7 for a bit but managed 28 mins again yesterday! My sister runs regularly and has done marathons. She has always asked me in a condescending way if I want to do the park run with her, knowing I don’t (didn’t!) run. I can’t wait to see her face when I say ‘yes ok I’ll do the park run with you’! KEEP GOING! 😀😀👍👊xx

I hate to say it but generally speaking, people these days are all about me, me, me. If they’re not talking about themselves, they’re really not interested in other people. I blame social media! 🤪. That’s my experience anyway. What you’re doing is a fab thing for your health and well being and getting fit and healthy is something no one can take away from you. You should be very proud of yourself, not everyone finds it easy to be motivated so you keep on doing what you’re doing! I don’t know if you’re running to lose weight but people can get funny about someone who’s overweight getting slim. It seems to bring out the green eyed monster in so called ‘friends’, as there does appear to be some who relish having a friend who struggles with weight if they don’t. Somehow it makes them feel better about themselves and they really can’t handle it if you end up looking better than them but that’s their problem. Keep going and be your own champion! 🥇

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Anyone who's done the C25K will know exactly how you feel. It's so hard to get off the couch, and keep getting off the couch, to face your fears and get on with it. We have all been there!

I graduated about 1.5 years ago and it's still hard, because all the motivation has to come from me - no-one else. I do that by looking at how far I've come and you can do that too. You've already done an amazing job and you've nearly graduated... keep it up!

Don't worry about how your friends react to your achievements. I'm going to do W8R2 today and looking forward to completing the programme.

Maybe you should consider joining a local park run and be in the company of people like us who do appreciate what you are doing. You may make new friends - people who are on your wavelength - who will give you challenges, support and encouragement.

Good luckand keep up the good work!


I’ve had similar, people trying to put me off saying how bad running is for you etc etc. Makes me all the more determined to succeed 🙌🏃‍♀️😘

in reply to suebuzz

Here here. So many negative people out there. I think there just put out, because we have got up off our bums and done it. 🏃‍♀️👍😀

HI Runner(as Michael Johnson address me on w7r3)

Just completed W8R2 its taken me nearly 12 weeks to get this far,with work and early starts.

I feel proud for what i have achieved and hold everybody who has embarked on this journey in high regard.

Well done and find yourself a park run and mix with local people in a fun environment.



Hey. You are doing great. I'm just behind you, I start w8 on Wednesday. Like you I have never run before, my friends dont really back me, which I'm disappointed in them as I thought they would be my pushers if you like. This forum has been great and helpful. The main thing is, you know you can do this. For me it's a major achievement.. Be very proud and get to the end. Keep smiling.x

well done and I’m jealous because have had to take a break but ran years ago and even joined an athletics club so i could run on a track and measure my distance and my then husband wasn’t interested and thought i was weird so i never got to tell people how i felt about running

Keep posting here because caring runners always respond and encourage


It’s horrible that no-one seems interested! My family were all supportive, if not more than a little amazed that I’d stuck to the plan! They all expected me to give up within a couple of weeks. I know you are doing the run for yourself and not for anyone else, but everyone needs support and encouragement no matter what level we are at. I hope you find it on this forum, I certainly have through my running journey xx

This is a massive achievement! If you have never undertaken this kind of challenge it probably doesn't seem like much. Once you've started C25K I defy anyone to say it's not a good thing. It's a great thing! Enjoy what you are doing, feel smug that you feel good about it and dont stop celebrating. I'm only on week 7, (still!), but hey, I got to week 7, YAY!

The only person that matters is you, eventually others might notice your inner shine and wonder what it's all about and if they dont, you're still shining!


We all care 😀 you are truly amazing 😉 keep it up. Good isn’t it?


My partner gave up smoking around the same time I started running. For a while we got really frustrated with each other because all he could talk about was not smoking and all I could talk about was running, and neither of us were really listening to each other because we were waiting to talk about our own thing. After a few weeks we acknowledged that both of us were doing something really great, and made more of an effort to spend time talking about both things and supporting and encouraging each other. That was back in February and now I'm still running and he's still not smoking! I think it just took a while for some people around me to realise how big of a deal it was for me to he able to do this. When I graduated I made a big dramatic Facebook post on how proud I was for doing it and it was the first time I talked on Facebook about the health problems I've had and suddenly I got way more support from the people at work who had either ignored me or told me I was crazy for running. I think by and large people don't understand that to go from struggling to run for 60 seconds to being able to run for 30 minutes is a huge deal, so they don't understand why you can't stop talking about it because you're so proud of yourself.

Be sure to post here when you graduate, this community is the most supportive place for a runner to be!


We are so very proud of you! I do know the feeling as at home I got no support at all, though there are lots of runners at work who have been amazing.

I wonder if any of your VRBs are local to you?

All the best for the end of the programme and the start of your life as a runner. :)


There are those who have never done it and don't know how hard you have had to push yourself and there are those who are super fit and don't understand the struggle. And then there are the rest of us who have been there or are going through it and know what a big deal it is.

Well done, almost there!


Everyone above has said what I want to say. You are doing this for YOU and this is the most important thing. My sister is a gazelle runner and when she went on about running I never really ‘got it’ till I started this. I always supported her but I never understood the dedication and hard work it really took.

You have found us so come back anytime but especially when you graduate as we are all there cheering you on

Totally understand! Keep going. There’s a whole community cheering for you!


Falconhoof, i am on on W8R2 today and same never ran before ever. My mother used to encourage me a lot in life but after her, I have never get any appreciation or support from my partner or family and this thing makes me very sad. However with time I have learned that the best supporter and best source of encouragement should come from your own self. You stand in front of mirror and tell yourself that how proud you feel about urself to go this far and achieve something which is definitely not easy and many people will quit in the way. This initially feels weird but trust me it works. Appreciate yourself and keep going. only those ppl can understand ur situation eho has been through similar one so this forum is great :).


You are amazing. You Runner You! More power to your heels.

Or hooves?

I totally understand exactly how you feel, after my first 20 minute run I was on such a high & bounced through the door & my husband literally just shrugged his shoulders. I was crushed but then decided to turn that negative emotion into determination.

Yesterday I completed my W9 R3 by doing my first Park Run & I’m still on a high. His support would have been nice but at the end of the day this is my achievement not his.

Good luck & enjoy it.


dont let that put you off following your dream to run. it is hard for others' to always show their interest in what youre doing, maybe because they just struggle to empathise. remember that people on here know what youre feeling and can relate to your feelings of frustration and perhaps disappointment that those we care about seem blaze. Of course Its nice when people who know us can show they beieve in what were doing, but know youre not alone. ultimately, youre doing this for you and as long as you have a good trainer in your ear and a good music soundtrack, your self esteem will be lifted and you can and will reach your goal.


Keep it up, when I started my husband had great fun in telling folk I had taken up running ... and not to the off licence!! 🃏 I run my first 10k next weekend and guess who has decided it's time he gave it a go 🤣. Use the negativity as a positive two fingers to them all

I’m proud! And amazed! It’s such a fantastic thing and you know what... it’s hard too! So well done on your achievement. I’m just starting week 4 so I can’t wait to get to where you are.


Aw bless you, I think it probably stems from envy that certain people aren’t getting off their backsides and doing this.

I also think we (very rightly) feel what a big deal it is because we know how hard it is to have got to where we are and how hard we’ve had to push ourselves.

Let it make you stronger and be SO proud of yourself.

Because I don’t have a running buddy and my hubby is absolutely not interested in anything running wise, I love coming on here to read peoples running related posts!

Well done on your success so far, keep going you’ve nearly graduated! X

Aww Falconhoof, it’s rubbish when people are like that and I felt and still feel same as you. I think it’s just what we runners have to put up with - yes we are real runners! Others just dont ‘get it’, that we can enjoy that high feeling after the mental and physical energy we put into a difficult run. So you’re not alone, you have an army of fellow runners supporting you and cheering you on every exhausting step of the way. Do keep going, run like the wind, and remember we’re all in this together.


We care!! You’re doing amazingly well, keep going, you’re only a week away from graduating - what a feeling that is!! You’ve got this in the bag now!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Well done, Its just great to be able get up and do this off you own volition. I've only just joined and cant believe how many people I don't know have encouraged me on my journey. Today, I have just done my first run outside for years and although its not mega fast (or what I'm used to) I did it and am proud. Onward and upward and keep smiling ;-)


Well done you!!.


I get it! You are doing so well. I have just finished week 8 and can see graduation on the horizon. This forum is fantastically supportive a great place to share your success and difficulties with others also on this journey . Don't let comments put you off. We all know how well you are doing.


You have done brilliantly, I found week 8 really hard, I've just completed week 9 run 3 this morning and it has been truly hard for me. I think people not involved don't appreciate just how hard it is, especially if like me you started as a real couch potato. I suppose if they're not involved, they can be a bit dismissive, " what you ran for 20 minutes, how far is that then? Can't you just walk 5km in half an hour anyway?" I've had a bit of that, but I'm doing it for me, so know the effort involved, how far I've come and I'm proud of myself - though a bit worried about my knees! I'm really proud of you too - well done!

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Congratulations on completing today!

Maybe people around you don't run? If that's the case, find some friends who do run, so you can talk shop with them. Over time, your old friends and family may understand your excitement, maybe even want to join you. Running is weird because it's a very self absorbed, time consuming activIty that only other runners understand. Anybody else is going to get bored listening to you go on about your personal experience, especially in this early stage of your development.

Watch some old running movies to keep your excitement up: "The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner," "Chariots of Fire," "Prefontaine.". Join a local running group. And write in to us. We care. And remember: don't go too fast, too far, too soon. And do your strength and flexibility routines. Very important.

Many people have never found their inner athlete. Who knows--maybe you are starting the very beginning glimmer of that in someone close to you.

Wow there are some - well, let's call them unsupportive, 🤷 partners out there! I told a friend I was starting c25k and she laughed. I didn't mention it again until I graduated at a parkrun. At least my partner has been supportive but I don't go running with him.

Maybe your partner doesn't rate what you are doing because he can run further, faster, etc., But we all get it, because we've all had to get off the couch too and it wasn't easy! Or maybe he sees running as his 'thing' and he's a bit miffed?

in reply to grumpyoldgirl

I’m suspecting it might be the second thing, he started running two years ago and is recovering from a knee injury.

in reply to Falconhoof

Ah, hurt pride. Bless 😁 Well, carry on regardless and no doubt he'll get behind you when he gets his head around the new improved you! In the meantime, we are here with all the support you could ever want 😊

Well done you. X


You are a hero 🎉👍! The fact you’re doing C25K and are in week 8 is already brilliant but the fact you’re doing it in the face of a complete absence of local support around you is truly impressive. Totally cheering you on. You are clearly a strong person. This community is a great support. We all care and are your fellow virtual running buddies now 😁👍

in reply to Jerichomile

Thank you so much for your support!

in reply to Falconhoof

Looking forward to hearing your updates when you feel like posting. The good, the bad, the funny and the “I did it!” moments, throw them out out there. On this forum, we can celebrate, commiserate, laugh and run together whether we’re hares, tortoises or just us with our slow jogging and bobbly blue running tops ....oh wait, that might just be me.....maybe the rest of you are purring along in sleek Lycra 😂😂😂!!


Well done! Keep going! X


We definitely care Falcon! You’ll never feel alone on this wonderful forum. Go you! You’re doing brilliantly 👍👍👍


You’re doing this for you, my love.

Keep going!

You are so close now. You’ve come a very long way.

You have done so well, as an organiser I am totally amazed by the effort and application the new runners like you show.

Do find a club to join asap it will lift you up, runners are always aware of the effort we put in and always encourage new friends.

Most clubs do cater for graduates from C25K.

Best wishes


Definitely we care and we know how significant it is. I would say that doing it is mainly for yourself though, so don’t worry if no one else seems to get it. I know quite a few ‘proper’ runners who have been amazingly supportive of me getting into it. Maybe you need some running friends!


Do it for you and be proud! Everyone on this forum is rooting for you 👍


I care. Well done, don't stop!

Well done and we care and know how much effort and time you are putting in. Do this for you and for your health. I applaud you 👏

Well done you, it’s a huge deal. I’m only on week 4 and felt so proud at the end of the run. Keep it up! Only 4 more runs until graduation.

I usually find that if it does not directly affect other people then they are not really bothered.

When they see the positive results from running and having a healthy lifestyle they will then be interested.

I don't bother telling people my actions or reasons for doing them. It's no one else's business but mine.

You don't need validation of others.

I don't know you, but I care. Yes, it would be nice if your nearest and dearest were more supportive but rest assured, they will come round. And eventually they will want to join you. Keep going. You are amazing.


We care! My friends don't comment much either. One of my friends said she'd rather take her blood pressure tablet than run. I've made lots of new running friends, do a parkrun!


There is a community here that cares for you & everyone else on the c25k journey, take the love, be very, very proud of yourself & wave when you run past people!

Oh my goodness. You have done amazingly well to stick to the plan. I cannot count how many times I have attempted it and given up! Massive well done to you.


Well done on how far you have come especially if you are not getting support from those around you. I now run with a running club and they have been amazing in their encouragement. This forum is also great for validating our efforts, because everyone here gets it. If the people in your life are getting you down with their lack of enthusiasm, post how you are doing here and I guarantee other members of this group will cheer you on.

I bored all my friends and neighbours which is why I had to join the forum. They don't care because they can't imagine doing it, so they don't have a clue what it's all about. But we do, and we care, and if you go to Parkrun and go out with local running groups you'll start to make runny friends. You're nearly there and you will feel so amazing when you graduate, and we'll all be waiting to hear how it went, so don't forget to post 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃⚡️👍✅

I was like you so proud to do but some people were saying you’re mad! Why bother! Well done you for doing all this. You should feel proud of yourself.

Don't let anybody rain on your parade. Just keep doing it for yourself. And remember that all the rest of us on here are chuffed for you.

We care and we can totally appreciate what you have / are achieving. Keep going and you will find likeminded running friends along the way 👏

Have you tried your local parkrun, lots of like minded people there 🙂 some people I’ve mentioned C25K then ask me when I’m doing 10K or a marathon 🙄 this forum is great though 🙂

You’re amazing ~ ☺️

Well done. I have yet to complete w5r3. I have managed to run 19 minutes once but that is it. I keep repeating w5r2 on the hope that I will succeed, although I might be the person who can't manage the full run but enjoy just getting out and trying. Keep it up. 👍😀

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Once you’re happy with w5r3 just continue to run 6. Your head is telling you no but you can do it. You’ll be surprised how you can manage this, even though you think you can’t. Keep it up and honestly, you’ll not regret it. Good luck

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I agree, you can do this, trust the plan and slow down if you need to.


That is sad! This community cares. Well done you!! Be proud of what you’ve achieved, and only 4 more runs to graduation. That’s amazing 😊

It's so disappointing, isn't it? 8 + weeks of effort and achievement and it seems that nobody really cares. I suppose in the end though whatever we do is ultimately for ourselves and therefore we're strong enough to keep going whatever the reaction from friends and family. As others have said I think there's something about running that brings out the negativity in people. There's probably a bit of jealousy thrown in there too.

I agree C25K is the best tool to running out there and for you to take up this challenge and change your life in this way is epic!

Keep going, keep sharing, once you've finished your 9 week programme do some Parkruns and find your running community. You're awesome, keep going 🎖 x


We care for sure... you have done amazing to get here ... some people don’t appreciate how hard it is for a non runner to take up a challenge such as this....

I was out doing my run with my daughter the other day and she got upset because some bloke had laughed at me because I was going so slowly... I said that I wasn’t bothered... because at least I was doing something positive, which was than he was.

Stay positive... remind yourself about how far you have come and try not to let others get you down! You are amazing!

Look how many people answered you!!!! Lots of people care! Keep it up. :)

People are idiots! I have been lucky enough to have friends and family behind me through my experience, but the forum people here are the ones that really get what you are going through. It's an amazing achievement and you need to be very proud of yourself. Your friends and family may not give you the cheers you deserve but as you can see everyone on here will. HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! 👏👏👏👏👏


We care! I could not have done this without this forum. Plenty of people encouraged me here. I think the above posters have said it all, keep going you are doing great!


WE CARE!!!!!!! Stuff them, celebrate you, you are fantastic.


I care! Fantastic progress. Well done. Hope you continue running, is there a Park Run near you?


Remember - you're doing this for YOU !

If they don't get it we do - I missed my last run of week 8 tonight due to a very busy weekend - I felt so bad - I had not ever missed now I'm all out of sync for my last week 😒

You just keep on running


You are doing it for you. Believe in yourself, you don’t need the approval or validation from others or their permission, this is you and you are proving to yourself you can do it. Be proud of what you have achieved and carry on to W9R3 and then set your sights on Park Run. Good luck.


They are probably envious. Anyway, we care, it’s an impressive achievement!

We care! We are all acutely aware of how much time, effort and indeed feeling like you’re going to die and cant possibly run another step it takes to get where you are...i think with people its either they don’t realise how hard it is or they’re jealous that you are and their not - i know its hard but dont let it get you down, youre doing a fantastic thing for yourself 😊

I bet they are secretly envious of your achievements...... I’ve come to learn that not everyone with you is for you, so move on quickly!

This journey is a hard one and the most important person on it is you.....

Keep going, you’re doing great and we care!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾



I totally get you - I’ve feel like that as well!! My family are supportive but I don’t think that they realise how hard it is! I’m on week 9, just completed 30minutes of running for the first time In my life !! My friends and work colleagues are very unimpressed - one guy said to me “oh I don’t run but I could probably run 5k straight off if I tried !! “ Or people say - “we’ll have you actually run 5k yet” !!! I’m about to do run 2 of week 9 and I’m so proud of myself when I finish !! So I’m doing it for me - I’ve lost a bit of weight as well (not a lot 😂) but that’s good as well! So well done you for getting to week 8 - it’s so hard isn’t it but such a great feeling when the run is completed !!! Can’t wait to graduate !! X

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Thanks Torie, I’m excited about graduating too!


I care!! Bloody well done you!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


I have to laugh but in a weird way, sounds just like my journey to a point.

I felt that there was no interest when starting or finishing runs but you know what my family have always been there for me. It wasn't till the latter runs before graduation that comments like "you have run for how long? How far did you go? No way you ran past the hospital and back in one go!!!

The little bits of feedback took a wee while to fruition but they were well worth it haha!

My daughters have now started C25K and being nearly 40 years younger than me they are finding it is not as easy as they thought 😇 It also makes me laugh that I chat and encourage all the way around and they are red and out of puff 😁 Should not laugh but I know they will get better as everyone does.

Falconhoof - you are on a winning streak and we are all behind you (me probably literally 🏃‍♂️) Good luck!!


I know you are not criticising others, just looking for support, but if you get off the couch some take it as an implied criticism of their couch-bound lifestyle. Even if you know you should eat better and move more, you don't really want to hear it from someone else. There is great support on this forum - we KNOW how hard it is and applaud your efforts. If you need more tangible feedback, could you find some running buddies or join a park run? Well done, and best of luck :-)

Firstly congratulations this is a really big achievement! You should be really proud of yourself 😊

I have had a mixed bag of reactions some supportive, some not bothered and others seem a bit jealous / put out by what I'm doing. I was the fat unfit one, I'm now 3 stone lighter and regularly running 10k's and have noticed this has put a few noses out of place. I think some of it is jelousy and some of it is because they didn't think I'd be able to do it. I've just accepted it and moved on, it's nice to have the support from others but at the end of the day you are doing this for you 😊 x

We care, Falconhoof! It’s people like you that inspire people like me. I’m only on WK3, but hearing from you and other forum members makes me carry on. Be proud of your achievement. Who knows, there might just be a little bit of jealousy from those who don’t seem to care ... 🤔


We definitely care!!!!

You're right, it is a big deal, its a massive achievement...and something you should rightfully be proud of...i know that getting praise from family etc is nice but really? You're doing so well without it...when you've finished c25k and your running journey really begins, you could start doing some virtual runs, thats what i do and i have a medal a month coming this year...maybe then, theyll sit up and take notice??? In the meantime, post your runs on here because we all care...we get it...and we know how much you're achieving with every run

..keep going Falconhoof, if you listen closely when you're running you might hear us all cheering you on x


You are doing brilliantly. Probably only the people who are doing it or have done it realise what a challenge and achievement it is.

Totally get it. Same for me. Done my first park run on Saturday and was super proud. No one cared tho!

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That’s a shame but we all care 🤗 x

Hello! Just know exactly how you feel. I'm 68 years old next month and quite pleased I've reached week 6 run 3, and just struggling a bit at the moment to run for a full 25 mins without pausing for a breath. I've no one to talk to about any of my running achievements, or lack of them, its most odd. As already been mentioned, it's as though I'm competing to be fitter, better, healthier than other people, or they don't believe me, so I now never mention it. I just say "going for a trot up the lane". 😂

I do it because it makes me feel so happy. I really appreciate reading about other runners and their experiences.

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Hi Danthedog! Need someone to talk to about what you’re doing? Well, we’re all here and ready to listen! We can talk to our VRBs because they know what it’s like! Well done on getting to week6 - I’m back at week 3 after time on the IC but that’s fine - at least I’m out there doing it! Good luck with the last few weeks and let us know how you get on!


Blimey, 227 replies and counting. You are among friends and fans.

Time to go on a parkrun and I'm sure I'm not the first to recommend it. As you are w8r2 then do your 5 min warm up at then start and then do your 28 mins and walk or run to the end. Then coffee and cake after, talk, joke and laugh with a few people. There will be walkers, joggers, runners, marshalls, time keepers, bar code sorters.


My experience has been that people just don’t understand about running and the effort it takes to first do it and second to achieve a certain distance etc. You are right to do it for yourself.



Enjoy the final week! Its a celebration of the hard work you've already put in.

😸 Katnap 😸

If they don’t then they aren’t worth worrying about anyway, they probably don’t understand the effort it takes . I don’t even know you and I think what you are doing is great. I need to get my head into gear and do the same. All the best 😜

I care, we care,except I was made a laughing matter when I posted a day's achievement on here by someone. I had to take the posting off or deleting it. So I know how it feels like to be ignored. Keep going this is for you and only you. Well done and congratulations.

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Aaww luv u! 🤗 x

Falconhoof? Head West. Never mind the trolls.

Surely you are doing it for yourself and not because if what other people think.

You may inspire others to try it too.

Keep going, you're amazing!

I have only just started wk1 C25k & I feel a bit conscious about running I also told one or two friends who just said good for you & a comment like I bet you don't keep it up now a few years ago a comment such as that would have been enough to stop me but not anymore as I know I am doing something that's right for me as you are doing something that is right for you I haven't told my family as they would not be interested either but deep down I know I am doing the right thing as you are so my advice is just to focus on what you are doing & just do not let any negative comments or anything like that get to you because at the end of C25K you can hold your head up high & say YES I did it for me.

Gosh I care too ....... what you are doing is quite simply AMAZING and I have had the same response on occasion too, but WE all know how fantastic it is as we achieve our running goal(s). Big pat on the back and keep on running! SP


I don’t mind. Yes they are running as well all be it they are 23 years younger then me, no I don’t mind . It’s Pontcanna Fields etc cardiff


You're doing great! Just about to start week 4 tomorrow and still a bit daunted by the longer runs to come.


Thanks! the longer runs look scary, but when you get there you can do it.

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