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First postgrad run in the pouring rain


What a mess! Pouring down with rain here in Italy -- not drizzle but cats and dogs -- and off I want after a day's work to the park to run my traditional 30 minute run. All my kits were to be laundered -- only got back from UK yesterday and have lectured all bloomin' day -- so I put on gigantic bright red shiny (read ugly) track suit I found at the bottom of a cupborad -- gigantic as in 3 sizes too big and me dad's wonderful cloth cap. 4pm and getting dark. No idea how far I was running, don't have a Garmin yet but I know it's around 4. something K so i ran a bit further than usual. Scary. I was almost the only person there. One very attractive young gentleman was joggin backwards - yes backwards -- down a pesky slope. He was wearing a sort of headband like boxers wear - never seen one of them before. Girls -- and there was I in a red tent. Grump.

Plus playlist -- Mitts, Laura has been banished from my playlist! Couldn't play the list. It was raining, it didn't play automatically so in the pouring rain with a slipper touch pad I had to try and play them one by one. So I got Maroon 5's payphone twice, finger slipped! So it was One Direction, Call me maybe, Come on Eilleen (twice) Carrie Anne -- blimey the lyrics are a bit mmm well, you know teacher/pupil stuff, hadn't noticed that before. Whatever, I could have easily Kept on running :-)

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Well done or getting out there again.

I just went out and did 5k - it wasn't a good 5k (and I did walk twice which was disappointing!!), but it was 5k in just over 36 mins.

Gives me something to improve on!!!

I ditched Laura too - I put too many songs for my run onto a playlist & hit shuffle so I didn't know what was coming next :-) Seemed to work well, I think I'll just stick with that & keep adding songs.

(Used MapMyRunon my phone to tell me how far / long I had been running for)

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Spud

Like me, my phone isn't smart :-) But thanks ffor the advice!


Ah I knew we could rely on our Italian correspondent to keep up the style standards of the forum :-P

Well done, I dont run with music anymore so havent got that problem. I might start using it again next weekend on my longer run, its been so long since I did a "longer" run what with weekends away/parkruns and charity events!

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Deryn61

Well Deryn I believe real runners don't use music either, so you are indeed a real runner and a star! Good on you!


You know in your last blog Delia, you mentioned how your body had a really nice shape now and talk of no more pork scratchings - then I read this! Out in a shiny, red, huge tent AND a flat cap!!!!! Now I know it was getting dark, other stuff was in the wash etc etc but really, you need to have an emergency supply for emergency situations - like attractive, hot men/rugby players/males in general!!! You go grump away.......!

Seriously though, good on ya for getting out in the pouring rain; hope your new shoes are not too sodden!

Sue x


hahahahaha ! I must have looked dreadful! Yes, my new shoes are sodden too. I must get some new gear for such emergencies! xox


You ladies make me laugh! :-) Delia, I can just imagine you out there dressed in your 3X too big bright red outfit while trying to catch some of that eye candy! ;-) I must say, you have better scenic views then I do in my area. :-) Running in the rain is something we have yet to experience. We will be facing snow probably by Christmas time. I have a sounds like santa needs to bring you some new running gear to fit your new body. :-)

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to gdeann

Chance would be a fine thing! I have two girls in college, not as expensive as US but pretty much, but I'm sure Santa can mangage a thing ot two under the Christmas tree!


Oo you are good! Two very good excuses not to go out, rain and no running gear! Well done Deliaitaly!


Wow, an own music run, how did it compare to Laura?? Are you going to do any of the 5K+ podcasts? I was surprised after having 3-4 weeks with my own music, how pleased I was to be out running with Laura again :-)

I'm still cross-trainering, knee is being stubborn and I'm not going to risk anything by running on it too soon. 'Going to the gym' is a whole new experience... :-D

You sounded a bit like Santa yourself in your red outfit... slimline Santa maybe!

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Mitts

Hiya Mitts. I used to go to an all female was OK.

I loved my own music run! I'll do another tomorrow, or again I might start the stepping stones, we'll see!

That red track suit is horrendous :-(


Delia, it is sod's law to meet a good looking chap when you are looking your worst. I don't want to bump into anyone when I'm running, I'm sure I permanently look like I'm about to keel over (I certainly sound that way, with all the puffing and panting and heavy breathing)!

I'm not sure if I should congratulate you more for running in the rain or for dressing as coco the clown :-) Either way, well done you! x

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to vixiej

Yesterday I ran in my skin tight gear and actually enjoyed being overtaken by the upteenth hunk! Pity I can't run as fast though -- do you think they ignore Laura's rant "It's not about speed, it's about distance?" or are they real athletes? Who knows, but they're all running when I'm out, however I'm dressed!


When someone speeds by me, and some of them seem as fast as leopards, I content myself with the idea that they probably aren't doing it for long.

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Hidden

hee hee hee ;-)

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