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First real Postgrad run


I did my 3k thing last Thursday and then a whole weekend with my feet up doing absolutely zero exercise... and it was ok. Today the legs wanted to go and it was time to put half an hour in again. The rest has certainly helped and my slow seems to have become slightly faster, pace was comfortable once more, I’ll have a little push later in the week. It was amazing to be out in the dying of the light, and the colours of the leaves changing as it went. Covered 4 laps of the 1k circuit and loved every step of it... 5 laps will be mission next week. Today I went back to music, but had a change of pace... I played my comedy hero’s best known song to start, Don’t Laugh at Me by Norman Wisdom (what a voice he had) then Max Bygraves “Fings Ain’t What They Used to be” (strangely it still sounded quite current) and it was “leaning on the lamppost” by George Formby (he was right, it was turning out nice again”) and so the playlist continued... all music I grew up hearing my grandfather sing. Of course there had to be a change of pace towards the end, so the power song button was hit and Pantera filled my ears with the song I can only call “Hostile” on here. Good run today.

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I like your taste in music UNM, perhaps a little old-fashioned but really nice, it's great that you can run on a track near to where you live, that way, yes you know how fast you are running at and the exact timing as well. I am glad you enjoyed your run today.

After my first 5k run on Saturday and yesterday's slow walk on the same route, I was going to have a short run today but I realised that I certainly was not dressed for it at all, I had boots on, a jacket and as it was raining I had a small umbrella with me, no running at all. I took a train journey to the place I had done some of my earlier runs before graduating but as it was so wet I just returned and got the train back home. However, when I got off the train the rain had stopped and there was a little sunshine, so I thought that although I don't have my running trainer shoes on perhaps if I can run for about 1 minute, then walk for 2 minutes at least I can exercise my legs a little, the walk from the station to my home usually takes me 25 minutes but with the 5 short 1 minute runs and 4 two minute walks inbetween I got home in 20 minutes, as I had boots on I only ran a little faster than I walked, ha, not really advisable to do that but I have had no after effects, perhaps I do have the running bug, I think there was someone on earlier, I think it was Mumacav saying she had to have a short run in something not really suitable for running, the running bug has affected a few here on C25K, but seriously I hope no one would run any distance in non running shoes, I just did it for a short exercise after sitting on a train for over an hour.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to AlMorr

It’s not my normal music... but I do love a great voice... I listen to just about every genre if there’s a strong voice... then it’s back to my metal!

You certainly have got the bug... and long may it continue! Your legs are ready and your mind wants to go... good restraint in the wrong shoes!

As for trains... I got one once... went from Winchester to London did some shopping, lunch and then hailed a cab home, cost a bloody fortune but there was nothing on earth that could have made me use my return train ticket. I do have a slight phobia there 😂. So trains can make me run... I could stand on the platform and when the train came in I swear I could run to the next station faster than it if that’s what it took to not get on it!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Interesting what you say about trains, before I got on the train I had to travel by bus, it went along a motorway and as it was getting near to Glasgow the bus travelled slower than I ran on Saturday, it was of those traffic jams, the but never stopped but for about 10 minutes it was going at 'snails pace'

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to AlMorr

I’m trying to decide if that would be my worst nightmare or if I’d be ok at slow speed!


Ohhhkayyyyyyy.... there I was reading that, thinking, well that's quite a sweet little playlist... eclectic but sweet. And then *BOOM* ... Pantera, no playlist, ever in the history of the universe, has ever combined those songs. Fair play to ya.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to ClimberKB

Had to blast the last couple of minutes... kinda hard to with the rest of the playlist 😂

Well done UNM - you're doing great - a real inspiration :-D I have my playlist on "shuffle" but noting your choice for the last few mins, I might put a tailored one together :-). I'm starting w7 tomorrow.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to New_Runner_KD

My tracking app has a power song button and when I’m running with music I choose something that gives me that boost for the end. I do also take some time thinking about how long the run is and what fits the occasion, today I remembered my grandfather commenting on how I ran on my toes and that I could be great at it. Maybe granddad, but it wasn’t meant to be... you’d be proud of me now though, that one was for you.

Week 7 huh... you know you got that 25... it’s a good week to reflect on where you’ve come from here and relax and enjoy it. It’s consolidation of what you’ve achieved and then you’re all set to close this plan out. It’s not been easy every run, but here you are waiting to finish what you started, fitter, healthier and with a brighter future than when you thought maybe you could do this. Yes you can, and you’re proving it run by run. It’s not about running, it’s about changing... and it’s all about running at the same time. Enjoy this week, you’ve put in the hard work... just relax and go, you’ll soon be on that podium.


Glad to hear you've had a good rest and back on it with a fab run! It sounds very chilled 😎

Oh... and I'm loving today's picture, spot on 👌

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Marcia-H

So chilled... I was a little apprehensive as this was the first run without a short term purpose, but once I went it was so smooth.

That picture made me think... it’s certainly more about not quitting... running and life.

How’s it going? Week 9 is either here or imminent.


Maybe the lack of purpose made it chilled.

Yes... determination usually gets me results.. it's only been in the last few years that I have realised it can apply to fitness too! It can apply to anything obviously but fitness was never an obvious choice for me! Very early on in C25K I felt I had my mojo back so I'm not letting go! Like a dog with a stick!!

I'm on week 8 and its going well, looking forward to run 2 tomorrow.

Pleased to hear running is progressing, well done you. And are you going to explain what happened at your 3k thing? A note on the poster, also not the brainier who does best but the most persistent - I teach maths. I hope Little MissUNM is progressing well too.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to over61andstilltrying

Mathematics is all about practice, I believe it does indeed fall in the persistence group. My eldest daughter wasn’t doing so well in maths and I didn’t want to confuse her by teaching old school methods. School said they were putting her on the lower paper with a few months to go before the GCSE... I refused and took over... one hour a day one on one for 3 months and then onto past papers... she was hitting 97% on them... had a bad day in the exam and got an A... on the lower paper that would have been a D then. She doesn’t use it and remembers very little of it now, so it was like training for a race! Little one gets very little from maths class as she does it at home and has since preschool. She was drilled on times tables and entered school knowing 2s, 3s 5s, 7s and 9s up to 16x. I let her brain work out that 4s, 6s and 8s were just additions of 2s.

I do think that the poster applies to most things in life. Some may be naturally gifted at something, but hard work will catch them up, and probably pass them. There’s also a strong case for working hard in that when you get to university it’s less about “intelligence” and more about hard work.

The 3k. Well I called at my dad’s and got my spikes, arrived at the track and was met by a couple of guys from the club. Spikes on and a little jog around before walking round to the half lap start. Handed my phone over and had the guy with me hit start... little bounce on the track, 3, 2, 1 and gone... I haven’t run like this in 30 years, I probably won’t again and I’d forgotten just how much feedback you get from a track, they’re so bouncy... and round I went... 6.5 laps just flew by and then the last one was very emotional, had to slow down as I started it, this is probably my last lap ever, and slowed to a jog around the back straight and round the bend, then it was time to get it all out, flat out sprint off the bend and over the line. Time a shade over 12 minutes... slowest I’d ever run it, but it was the best run... said a little prayer, changed shoes and jogged over to an incline... 4 hill sprints and then over to sit on the sidelines. By then there were club runners arriving, one of whom I knew from parkrun. I sat a little as some of the young guns started warming up, and one girl started a lap, putting my pace to shame by a long long way... that made me smile, this place is in very good hands with the next generation of speed... maybe I’ll go watch them again next summer, but the spikes are retired now, nothing to prove out there now... it’s time for some trail running .

over61andstilltryingGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Wow! Seems it was as you had hoped! All the very best for your onward running journey.

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