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Bye interval runs! W6R2 ✅ Hello solid runs W6R3


W6R2✅ Next up W6R3...

I would appreciate any advice for the solid runs please! I really enjoyed W5R3 (20 mins) last week, but somehow I want to be more mentally prepared for the long and solid runs!

So far what’s worked for me...

1. Listening to music.

2. Sticking to the same route

3. Plenty of water the day before

4. Early morning and evening runs

Appreciate your support xx

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Those runs can seem relentless and long, but distraction is a great way to get through. Music or podcasts may help, but it was in those weeks that I started a running commentary of everything that I could see, hear and feel as I ran and realised that running time is excellent thinking time.

Just don't think about running..........

Pacing is crucial. Start off deliberately slow and try to have something left in the tank for the last stretch.

Many people have a wobble in the final weeks, often because they are not fully recovered from the last run, so if you need it, be kind to yourself and have an extra rest day........there is no hurry.

Relax and enjoy it.

JaoJao in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you that’s sound advice to have an extra rest day, in fact this is the same advice I dish out on here “be kind to yourself”.

I totally get your point on distraction, absolutely need to get the mind off clock watching and thinking about it.


Take the advice from IannodaTruffe also.. hydrate well every day...I run and ramble afterwards.. hence some of my long posts... Th run is over far too quickly..I don't get chance to take it all in :)

JaoJao in reply to Oldfloss

I need to check out your ramblings!

I am going to have 2 rest days now so I’m already listening see!


I set myself targets in a run.

1 what would be a perfect run? If absolutely everything goes to plan.

2 what would be a good run?

3 what would I be content with?

So with what you're about to run, 25 min would be a perfect run, 20 minutes is a good run, and I'd be content with 15 min. So after 15 minutes I'm winning, 20 minutes I'm very happy.. and then I finish it, feeling very proud of myself.

It might not work for everyone, but it works for me because I become more and more positive during the run. It also makes the run seem less daunting by breaking it up into sections.

If i don't make it to 25 minutes, it won't disappoint me 'too much' I'm happy with the 20 minutes and I'll just get out there and try again.

JaoJao in reply to Hidden

That’s an interesting way of breaking it down and counting down too, thank you so much for your input, appreciate it x


Start off really slow and steady so that you can settle into a comfortable rhythm that will see you through to the end.

I agree completely with IannodaTruffe - try to switch your brain off from running.

Choose a new set of tunes for each run - I’m revisiting the 80s!! It’s amazing what nostalgia trips you take when you’re running.....and before you know it, it’s time for the 5 min walk 😃.

An extra rest day can make all the difference to the success of your next run. So if you think you need it, take it.

Enjoy 😊 🏃‍♀️

JaoJao in reply to Delly-dot

Thank you Delly, I’m going to do exactly that which is to take 2 days rest before I try again. I’m going to sort through my playlist too, good shout, thank you so much lovely people x


Hey! I'm just on week 8 and I'm finding that I'm starting to zone out a bit. However, in the increase from 25 to 28 I ran further than I expected to before the bell and that was psychologically really hard. I do the same route and have little place markers. The other thing I've done is found a tune with a perfect bpm for my pace (pendulum, slam) then googled other tunes with the same bpm. Hopefully your little goals and improvements will spur you on!

JaoJao in reply to PlodLife

That’s PlodLife great little tips there, I have little markers too. And am conscious of zoning out too on my runs.

You’re doing all good there only thing I would do is change your route now and then the different scenery is good to do and stretch before and after your running it’s helping me from injury 😉🏃🏼‍♂️

JaoJao in reply to Kevtrev

Thank you Kevtrev, appreciate it. Changing route is a good idea and would mix things up a bit! I should take stretching seriously as I think the brisk 5 minute walk might not be enough in the latter stages, any suggestions for exercise anyone??

Kevtrev in reply to JaoJao

Just go on YouTube there are lots of different ones as it’s a-bit hard trying to tell u how to do them if you haven’t done them before I hope that’s helpful for you 😉❤️

Elisabeth3Graduate in reply to JaoJao

I agree with Kevtrev. It's easier if you can see the stretching, e.g. YouTube.

There are DVD s, too.

I think it's even better if you have it shown by a professional trainer in a gym club or someone else who is experienced.

I believe if stretching is done wrongly, it can cause more harm than not to do it at all.

JaoJao in reply to Elisabeth3

Thank you both, really helpful and I will do that for my longer runs now 😁


Am exactly at the same stage as you - found this week quite a struggle so far but have completed runs 1 and 2 with final run 🏃🏻‍♂️ Friday. I try to break the time down into songs ie 20 minutes run was 5 songs approx. I suppose it’s whatever works for each of us. Stick at it and good luck 😉

JaoJao in reply to Bluemoon1958

That’s a good idea about breaking it down into songs, I will try! I look forward to following your journey bluenoon1958

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