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W5r3 repeat, repeat, repeat!


So I am feeling a bit deflated as I keep reading other people's success stories! (which are great BTW, and makes me feel I will do it eventually)

It's taken me 8 weeks to get this far, repeating runs, and taking time out for illness! (not time off though, too busy to be ill!). After a recent bout of nasty coldy virus, just can't crack this last w5 run! Still feel a bit run down and occasionally wheezy.

Using all the tips, slowing down, hydration, but not helping!

Was going to be attempt 4 today, (yes attempt 4!!!) but wondering if I should do something else instead?

Like, just repeat an earlier one? Or rest a bit longer ? Help!!


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Don't worry although it's running it's not a race and it took me 17 weeks to complete c25k. Go out try again run as slow as possible don't worry about how many times you need to repeat a run you can do this 😊

ChatbleuGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you! 👍 Hope so!


Rest longer.... be kind to yourself...We do have to try to listen to our body....You feel run down, you're still wheezy... so.... wait... :)

You are not well and still working.. your poor body is not having the time to recover...

Keep moving, gently, maybe some strength exercises, but don't run. The runs will wait...:)

A month ago I ran my first Half Marathon... two days ago I ,managed just 1K after 12 days not running, because of a horrid pollen related, debilitating and racking cough and a wheezy chest.

That run, was so slow, and so special, and it felt so good..I am glad I waited:) I will be back on track in good time:)

You will enjoy the run far more if you do similarly..:)

You are your best asset... start cherishing yourself:)


When you run, can you speak aloud, clear ungasping sentences?

If not, you are going too fast for your current physical condition. You will not be breathing fully and deeply and so you will not be able to provide your muscles with the oxygen they require.

This easy conversational pace, which is described in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... is recommended for all doing C25K and will get faster as you get fitter and your body becomes more efficient.

In terms of mental approach, you may find this useful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You can do this.

ChatbleuGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you for the good advice! 😀


Morning Chatbleu! I think you’ll find there are also lots of people on the forum who repeated both weeks and individual runs! When I’m off the injury couch I’ll be one of them! It’s a 9 week programme but Iannode Truffe’s ‘how to do it’ piece does tell us there is no set time for completion- we all need to go at our own pace. For some, like me, that means an extra rest day between runs as standard. For some it might mean repeating runs - each time you run you’re building up stamina so don’t feel you are failing (no such thing in C25K😀). And if you’ve been ill as well then your body is probably trying to tell you it can only cope with one thing at a time- ie getting better or running but not both! Anyway, that’s enough from me - relax, get well and I’m sure you’ll get there eventually ! Let us know how you get on!


Thank you for the advice and moral support, will persevere and keep you posted! X

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