Week 9 has arrived

I started this challenge on Boxing Day and this morning I was in the woods before work running for 30mins, R1 Wk9. The transformation is amazing. Two more runs to do and I will have completed the challenge. As I've said on other posts, I have no idea how far I have run so this week I will try to measure it. My plan is to complete the three 30 minute runs and then work on reaching 5km. I would definitely recommend this programme to everyone.

4 Replies

  • Best of luck blueboots. Do write more about the transformation when you can. It will be most motivating.

  • Woo hoo! Well done on getting so far!!!! I aspire to be on w9!

  • That's amazing! I'm on week 6 but haven't thought much about beyond week 9. I'm thinking I might need the podcasts to keep me motivated so might repeat week 9 for awhile :-).

  • Well done blueboots, you're an inspiration to us all just starting out!

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