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It’s absolutely pouring down. I’ve been outside every single run, but I cannot face getting wet again. Can I get away with doing W4, R1 on my treadmill?

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Of course you can. A run is a run is a run. Enjoy :)

Thanks. Feels a little bit like cheating. But at least I stay dry!

Why would you say it’s cheating you could run a marathon on a treadmill - no different to if you were outside

I think because when I’m outside, I’m conscious of being there. So I run faster, push myself to go up hills, run on different surfaces etc. Whereas when I’m on a treadmill, I find it boring and therefore don’t exert myself.

helenwheelsGraduate in reply to joannashaw

outside is NICER of course, but needs must :)

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to joannashaw

If I had one I'd do even more running! Just set an incline of at least 1%, 3 if you want to really work hard 😉😁

joannashaw in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thanks - I went 1% incline c

Night-WatchmanGraduate in reply to joannashaw

Hey! I did the whole program on a treadmill without cheating ;)

lol - running outside just feels more difficult to me. Like different speeds, hills, surfaces etc. That said, I’ve just done the said run on treadmill and I’m sweating more than I ever do on a outside run!

Night-WatchmanGraduate in reply to joannashaw

Well done for getting week 4 started on the treadmill. It's not as easy as it looks. You've still gotta move your legs 😀


Needs must... I ended up buying a new one after rain, gales and winds were holding back my HM training so much...and I am totally an outdoor runner... You do it and stay dry :)

Absolutely! I combine my runs with outside trips and treadmills - I’d love to run outside more but sometimes I can only run at night and I’m not doing that on my own in the dark.

As the others have said, running is running. 😊


I would never have done c25k without my treadmill. I now have the confidence to run outside but I also have the 'no excuses' option for all those days I'd rather be inside. Enjoy.

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