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Hi I am 61 only done 2 runs so far and outside but can I do it on my treadmill as I find running outside is a bit scary doing it on your own trouble is my treadmill is not auto for putting it on a slant it has to be flat or slant and I have to change it manually I do love running out doors but now a days you never know being on my own

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Whatever feels comfortable for you is right. As you grow in strength and confidence you might want to venture outside again. Keep your eyes open for other runners, you probably never noticed them before.

I live in Brixton, which used to be a scary place but you see all ages and sexes out running now.

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I am so glad that you used the word 'used' regarding Brixton being no longer a scary place. There have been very few attacks on joggers or runners anywhere in the UK recently although it's not advisable to do a run at midnight in a dark alley.


Well done for starting. That's the hardest bit.

Lots do it on a treadmill. I understand setting it to 3% equates to running flat on the road. But don't worry, just do what you are comfortable with. The eventual aim is just to get to run for 30 minutes. Doesn't matter how fast or whether you do 5k or not or how long it takes you to get to the end of the programme. Just follow it as best you can and you will surprise yourself.

Wow, well done for taking the plunge and starting the programme. I started off on the treadmill in the gym and it was great.

You never know, once you've got further on in the programme you might be able to find a friend to run outside with (if you want to), and when you're at the end you could always think about doing a park run, then you wouldn't be on your own, and it's a great way to meet other runners of all ages, sizes and abilities.

Good luck and happy running wherever you do it. :-)


Please read the guide to the plan

Enjoy your journey.


hi , I'm currently doing mine on a treadmill as juggling childcare for work is bad enough , running outside is more enjoyable but you have to do whatever is best for you



I feel just like you and have done all my couchto 5k on my treadmill, I am determined to get outside in the warmer weather but until then inside it is. I graduated in November and I'm 60 so it can be done and although people say it's boring, it is only now when I'm trying to get to longer distances that the boredom is starting probably because I can't find an app I like and I miss Laura and Michael Johnson who have got me this far. So go for it and enjoy the fact that you will become a runner, something I never thought I would be after 40 years of none running.

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9 am Saturday park runs are great. If nothing else it will give you some variety. For Apps Runkeeper has a "mademoiselle" voice who suggests how many pain chocolat and croissants you are burning off.

For treadmill runners I wonder if anyone has done a 30 minute YouTube following someone around a course. Especially good if you get to overtake someone every now and again!

Found this but it's only 16mins!

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This one is better


Hello, not to worry, lots of people for lots of different reasons do the programme on the treadmill and there is loads of advice on here for treadmill running (using the search feature is really helpful).

Here are some of my top tips:

- Run on a slight gradient (I set it at 1.5% and wouldn't recommend any higher for starting out, but you might want to start on 0.5 or 1). This will help mimic some of the wind resistance you get from outside so you have a smoother transition if you do want to run outside.

- Keep cool! It's very easy to overheat on a treadmill. Sleeveless tops are a must and if you're at home, an open window or fan will save you. At my gym, I pick the treddy under the air con.

- Keep boredom at bay. Listen to podcasts, music or if you can, put on a favourite tele show. It's very repetitive being on a treadmill and you don't have the variety you get from outside, so break it up by varying your speed or gradient a little. I also find mantras work great for low motivation.

- Triple check your laces are done up before you get on.

- Find a pace that works for you by finding your brisk walk pace, then upping it by 1kmph. You can then put it up or down from this to find a pace that you can maintain your run at until the end of the session without straining your breathing too much. Don't try to run to an arbitrary pace number, listen to your body the same way you would outside.

Personally I love treadmill running as it can be very meditative and you get to be a control freak over the numbers side of things. You can properly pace yourself, and you put yourself at a much lower risk of impact injury.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I've done all my runs on the treadmill and I'm currently on week 5 and I promise you it is still very rewarding.

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