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I have just started week 3 and am amazed at how quickky i have gone from just about running for 1 minute to managing 3! I run in the park after work but soon the evenings will be dark and the park shut. I know i will not want to run around the streets in the dark so am considering getting a treadmill. They are quite expensive so i would appreciate any recommendations or advice on what to look for?


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I have no experience of treadmills, but could you run outside in the mornings, or lunch time? My fear would be that a treadmill would just be boring....I really understand that for some people out doors is tricky (or impossible) but if you can, I would try and find away around the problem...

Thanks Helen,

Hey I don't if she's around but Shivani05 is the resident expert on treadmills, she has graduated and is a long distance person. She more than anyone could probably tell you the pros and cons, what to look for that kind of thing. Sorry Shivani if I'm giving you a job to do!


I would get a treadmill that provided wind in my hair, sunshine in my face, birdsong in my ears along with endless variety of landscapes slipping by as my feet negotiate the subtle differences in surface and terrain, not forgetting hills to slog up and soar down......... sorry, not much help, really.


I did most of my C25k on a treadmill but also run outside at least once a week either at a park run, race or just with my other half. I know a lot of people tend to find treadmills boring but I love having it in my arsenal, its just another tool for me to improve my running and get fit and I'd never have got to the level of (relative) fitness I am now without it. I have it next to my desk and when working from home I run or brisk walk while on conference calls or on breaks.

I find it quite meditative, settling into a nice rhythm at a controlled speed with the radio or headphones on looking out into the garden and watching the birds and squirrels coming in from the woods at the bottom.

I also like being able to very controlled intervals on it.

Mine was only £180 and is more than up to the job, you don't needs to spend fortunes.

Part-time treadmill runner and proud ;):D

Wendywill in reply to Cliff_H

Thanks Cliff, that was very helpful.

Cliff_HGraduate in reply to Wendywill

This is the one I have Wendy and it takes my 6ft 14+ stone self quite happily as well as really fast sessions from my machine of a 17 yr old son :D

Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

Wendywill in reply to Cliff_H

Brilliant! Thank you very much.


Hello, I can only give you a second hand recommendation - a friend bought one and when he did the research he decided on the everlast ev7000. Pricey but can get second hand under 150.

It sounds useful to have access to a treadmill - my in-the-dark runs are more on well lit but smelly polluted main roads, not ideal. On my part though I could probably plan my days better! Good luck, keep running.

Wendywill in reply to icklegui

Thank you Icklegui.


I have a treadmill and love it I just feel at the moment wk6 r2 that I have nothing to contend with just my music and no one seeing my wobble bits and steamed up face 😂😂 I have the reebok Irun it doesn't have the ability to do gradient but it folds flat against a wall I bought eBay locally and was a fraction of new price good luck xx

Wendywill in reply to Frostycat2

Thanks Frostycat.

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