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tight calf

So I have managed to stay of the IC so far... a couple of colds and holidays but no injuries.

I had gait analysis and a shiney new pair of shoes last August (as I have completely flat feet - no arch at all - full footprints in the sand!!!) I do feel that they have lost their springy ness! But full time work, 9 grandchildren and a husband with a broken femur and I just can't find the time to go back and speak to the lovely people at Advance Performance again. I have promised myself i will go this weekend as I am worried about doing some damage...

my right calf is very very tight. I feel it walking running and i can even feel it now sat here tapping away. I am stretching and have invested in a foam roller.

I am pinning my hopes on new shoes!!! Any other advice gratefully received you lovely peeps!

Thank you in advance

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Could you order the same pair online and get them delivered?

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had thought about it but wondered if my gait had changed as i'd run more so thought i'd get it checked again. if i don't get there this weekend then yep I think and on line order will be the way forward :)


Hi... have no idea if this will help but I had the same thing recently... one really tight calf... especially after my run and the next day and then I couldn't completely get rid of it in between runs. I tried stretching it out when it was warm but it didn't make any difference. I found some self massage on you tube and repeating that daily for a week (with lots of oil) has really helped sort it out.... my run on Friday left me with no tightness. I still do the post run stretches but the extra pampering seems to have done the trick!! 😊


Anything to do with massage and being pampered sounds great to me. I am going to google that massage trick and have a go!


Just seen this as I'm suffering from the same thing ... I don't suppose you remember the video you found do you?


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