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1st consolidation run - not quite 😔


Hi! For the first time since starting the programme I haven’t been able to complete a run!!! Today should have been my first consolidation run, and I could only do 20 mins! I did change my route slightly and got a bit lost, but I don’t why I got so tired! Still...20 mins is better than nothing but should I go back to week 9 run 3? Oh just continue with the consolidation runs? I will leave a day’s rest and go out again on Friday 🤦‍♀️😔

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It happens to the best of us! You’ve just graduated by doing 10 consecutive runs that were longer than you did today, so fitness isn’t in doubt. It’s very much ok to use the week 9 runs on the app during consolidation.

20 minutes is indeed better than nothing... and 20 minutes longer than you were donning a couple of short months ago.


Empathy/solidarity! I posted earlier about having not managed a run for the first time after having completed C25K. It feels a bit gutting, doesn't it? I'd recommend still using the podcasts for 30 mins if they help keep you motivated. And going slow slow slow unless you feel ready genuinely to speed up.

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Thank you SO much! 😊


I agree with using the app for a while longer. I was concerned that I would never run without Sarah Millican cheering me on and one day my app didn’t work and I just carried on running and haven’t looked back :)


I’m doing consolidation runs and Monday my legs felt like lead, but today I was like a different person, no rhyme or reason to it, you get good days and bad days. Keep doing the 30 min runs. I’m trying to better my 5k running time at the moment and I’ve downloaded the run zombie run interactive running game, which looks fun 👍


My first 3 consolidation runs were the hardest runs out of all the weeks. I think I was trying to increase my speed to get 5k as I am extremely slow and this was the problem for me. I have now done my 4th slowly and I got to 4K so I’m now focusing on distance rather than speed and I think the increase in speed will come from that.

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