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First “free” run

I’m still up in the Highlands, and as it was 2 days since I graduated, I was ready for my first consolidation run. I finished work, checked into a hotel, got changed and headed out into the -5°C air of the early evening.

Not knowing the area, I plodded on blindly until I came across “The Tarland Trails”. This could be fun, I thought.... ran up a seemingly never ending hill to find that the trails are actually downhill mountain bike tracks.

Going down was so much more fun than going up. Nobody had been so stupid to attempt the trails in this weather, so I was running in virgin snow, which was surprisingly not at all slippy.

I’m definitely going slower at the moment, but I’m putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of the terrain, temperature and darkness.

Really can’t wait for better weather and longer days.

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Well done K8nno! I’m planning my first ‘free’ tomorrow morning. Hopefully it won’t be as adventurous as yours!


Enjoy the freedom but do try to stick to your goal.... it’s very easy to to think “Ah, bugger it!”. I felt really good knowing that I was doing it just for myself.


Can’t beat being the first to put prints on snow... sounds like an amazing run to me... great job.


That sounds like fun. Enjoy the freedom, and the snow!


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