Anyone else get pitch red when running?

I hate this part of exercise for me. Once I start really getting into running or another form of working out I turn tomato red and am sweating profusely. All summer I have been outside running early morning by myself. I didn't care how I looked and no one was out there with me. Now I have turned to the gym since the weather has gotten colder. It's embarrassing! When I get back to the locker room and get a glance at my face it's shocking how red it gets. I'm sure it doesn't help that in the gym there is no breeze like outside. They have overhead fans but they do nothing in keeping me cooler. Is there anything you have done to help this? It's bad enough i draw attention because I'm the 'fat' girl running and this certainly doesn't help that. ;(


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14 Replies

  • Guilty!!

    I too suffer from the the tomato face. Unfortunately I cant offer up a solution but will be following this in case someone else can. I look in the mirror half an hour after a run and am still glowing red.

    All I can add is that at least you are doing some exercise, and maybe red will be next seasons in colour.

  • Surely everyone gets tomatoes face. I do and don't give a toss. Mind you I never darken the inside of a gym. My gym is the great outdoors, come rain, snow or blow ☺

  • Loads of us..including me... every shade from Beetroot to Pillar Box... to Fire Engine.. all the shades of red. It is the new colour for us folk who are off the couch and doing it!

    Do not worry...I know, easier said than done....But.... You are there, you are exercising.. who gives a whatever, about what folk think! Come on, let folk stare! You are a runner...:)

    "Self Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it".

  • You bet. Mine goes so red with even the lightest of exercise that people have asked if I need assistance. And somehow all of my sweat seems to come from my face. Be proud of it. It's a badge of pride for a good running session.

  • Yup. I'm red for over an hour after a strenuous run. But I see it as a badge of honour - I've earned it by my efforts!

  • I go beetroot red too. I think at this stage I'm reasonably fit but it hasn't lessened in any way. I blush very easily too so I'm thinking that's linked somehow. I'm always envious when you see people who take photos after a race or run who are glowing, I could never do that as I'd look ridiculous! I guess some people are blessed and the rest of just need to deal with being tomatoes 😳😳😳

  • Yes, agree - think of it as a badge of honour.

  • I go bright red in the face too! I used to be incredibly self conscious about it, but I'm not now. I run outside, don't want to ever run in the gym and I find that now it's cooler I don't go quite as red.

  • I've been running outside all summer but the mornings are way to cold now for me to enjoy being out there in it. At 5am the temps are around 40degrees.cold! The gym is my last choice if I had to run anywhere. So boring on the treadmill.

  • I'm another tomato face! I go really red during and after running and it takes ages to go away, so like others, following this thread in case anyone has an answer. I also blush easily. Maybe it's just my complexion. I don't worry about it so much now as I know it's not because I'm unfit or about to expire - well I hope not!

  • I don't only go red, I go Aubergine ! :-)

    I don't get embarrassed about it anymore at all, in fact I hardly think about it at all now ! :-) xxx

  • You know what? I'm sure all that increased blood flow to the face is actually good for the complexion :-)

  • It's funny you say that because prior to couch to 5k I was always getting weird acne/dryness on my forehead. I've had it for years and tried everything to figure out the cause to no avail. My skin on my forehead has never looked better now. I haven't had acne in ages. The running as definitely improved my skin. :)

  • I agree! My skin looks better since I started running :-)

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