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Well guys ,that's another run done !! Have found my right calf feels either slightly sore or tight due to being pumped up during the running periods !! Might be I need to warm it up more before setting off ? We are gaining more distance each time we go out now though at this stage I guess that's not too important.Feeling good and trying not to expect too much of my self at this point but I feel the need to hold back, which I am doing so as not to take the joy of running away !! Yep, feel we are on track !!

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Great running. The brisk walk should be enough of a warmup, but you could add some dynamic stretches. Foam rolling may help the calf muscles. Good idea not to push, keep it enjoyable.


Stretching after every run, while muscles are still warm and supple can help to reduce muscle tightness, as described in the guide to the plan.

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